10 Common Types of Used Dental Equipment

When opening a dental practice or adding a new location, one of the most significant investments you’ll make is in technology and equipment. Today, finding the right equipment at the best value is especially important. As a dental professional, you may know downtime can lead to major headaches and big delays. So, getting this right is as important as ever to help get your new practice up and running efficiently.

Fortunately, many types of dental equipment maintain value exceptionally well, creating a viable market for used dental equipment. There are two main advantages to investing in pre-owned dental equipment: new practices can obtain equipment at a fraction of the cost of new models and practices can get money back from their investment by trading in equipment they may no longer need.

There are many outlets to choose from when looking to sell or buy used dental equipment. Finding a reliable used dealer can seem overwhelming, but there are a few key things to look for to know you’re purchasing from a reputable business. Find quality products as well as customer service by evaluating a dealer or business’s:

● Online reviews
● Referrals from other dental professionals
● Trustworthy dental resources such as DentalTown or popular social media groups
● Warranty information
● Service record
● Years in business

With these points in mind, here is a list of 10 common types of used dental equipment available. Of course, the dental equipment your office requires depends on a practice’s specialty and treatment offerings.

1. Dental Cabinets
Choosing the right cabinet can make your practice more organized and productive while simultaneously streamlining processes. These dental cabinets also give an improved look and professional feel to any dental space.

2. Digital Radiography
Digital radiography allows dentists to view high-resolution clinical images instantly on a computer screen, store images, analyze them, and share them with third parties.

The different types of dental digital radiography include:

● Panoramic X-rays – 2D radiograph of the patient’s complete dentition.
● Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) – These powerful 3D images aid in more complex treatment planning, including dental implants, orthodontics, and more.
● Digital imaging software – Enhanced dental images help us to digitally plan treatment and potentially educate patients.
● Intra-oral X-ray sensors – These are fast intra-oral radiographs with less radiation and high resolution.

3. Dental Lasers
Dental lasers are growing in popularity as a minimally invasive treatment option. They can be used to:

● Reshape overgrown gum tissue
● Remove tissue from partially covered 3rd molar
● Treat tongue tie
● Prepare teeth for composite restoration

4. Dental Intraoral Cameras
A dental intraoral camera is a pen-like video camera. It is equipped with LED lights and displays magnified images on the screen. These intraoral cameras save time and are a great tool when it comes to patient education.

5. Dental Chairs
A dental chair is a key piece of equipment for increasing both the dentist’s and patient’s comfort throughout treatment procedures.

6. Sterilization Equipment
The dental sterilization equipment is critical for patient safety, avoiding any cross contamination.

There are different types of sterilization, such as:
● Sterilizers or autoclaves (the latter being the most common option)
● Washers and dryers
● Dry heat sterilizers (remove moisture)
● Chemical vapor sterilization

7. Dental Microscopes
The dental microscope is an essential instrument to magnify and illuminate anatomical detail and fine structures.

8. Dental Handpieces
A dental handpiece is required for most dental procedures, including everything from routine dental cleanings to complicated surgical procedures. Some handpieces are designed to meet specific needs.

Types of Handpieces:
● High-speed handpieces
● Low-speed handpieces
● Specialist surgical handpieces
● Laboratory handpieces
● Hygiene handpieces

9. Surgical Instruments
Surgical instruments are needed for various applications, such as extraction, implants, bone grafts, and many other treatments.

These surgical instruments include but aren’t limited to:
● Elevators
● Forceps
● Chisels
● Grafting instruments
● Osteotomes
● Tissue Forceps
● Root tip elevator

10. Dental Operatory Lights
Dental operating lights or dental operatory lights are a standard fixture in every dental practice to drastically increase visualization.

Where to Get Started
By opting for used dental equipment, dentists and dental specialists maximize their investment in high-price tag items for their practice.

When you work with a knowledgeable dealer who specializes in certified pre-owned equipment, you can likely save 30-50% off new list prices, helping you meet your new practice goals more quickly.

Renew Digital specializes in extraoral digital imaging equipment, including Panoramic, Cephalometric X-ray machines, dental CBCT, and intraoral scanners. They also often accept trade-in equipment towards the purchase price. Start your used dental equipment purchase plan with a call to their sales reps at (888) 246-5611, or contact them online.

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