When you’re moving house, it’s a lot easier for criminals to target your home and belongings. Regardless of where you are moving to, it is important to prioritise your safety by installing a home security system.

1. Moving house is an especially vulnerable time for theft

Moving house can be a very stressful time and people often take their minds off it by getting involved in something else. It might be packing up or sorting out paperwork or even just going out for lunch with friends or family members who are helping with the move. This can mean you don’t have time to pay attention to the security of your home. Rectify this with a home security system.

2. There will be strangers in and around your home

Moving house means lots of boxes being carried around, which makes it harder for people to see what’s happening around them. When there are strangers coming in and out of your home, it can be hard to know who is meant to be there.

3. Expensive equipment is being transported from one location to another

Between packing, unpacking, and having to live out of boxes for weeks on end, it can be hard to keep track of your belongings. Fortunately, home security systems are a great way to protect your possessions while you move and alert you if anything goes missing.

4. Your home is at risk of break-ins during your absence


Not only will a home security system give you peace of mind while you’re staying at your new house or your old house while you move, but it will ensure that whichever property is unoccupied will be kept under watch.

5. Friends and family may come and go from the house, putting it at risk for theft

Thieves use house moves as an opportunity to gain access to your home, pretending to be removal staff or workers carrying out repairs on the property. Your friends and family may not know who you’ve hired. A home security system can keep track of who is in your home at all times.

6. You will likely be distracted

Moving day is the perfect time for thieves to strike. You’re focused on getting the job done and you’re likely to be distracted by all the activity in and around your home. This makes it easy for criminals to enter your property without being noticed.

7. Your identity and security are at risk while moving

Identity thieves target people who have recently moved house because they know there’s a good chance they’ll leave their bank card details behind at the old address. Unfortunately, they can then use this information fraudulently to buy goods or services, leaving you with huge bills to clear later on.

8. Your new neighbourhood may have a higher crime rate than your current area

If there’s a high crime rate in your new area and you don’t have a home security system, then this could affect how much your insurance premiums are going to increase.

9. Emergency response times are often better with a security system installed in your home

One of the most common reasons for installing a home security system is to help protect your family in case of an emergency. If you want to protect your family from being harmed by intruders or fires, then having a home security system installed is a great idea.

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