3 Great Lancer Tactical Platforms That Make Great Beginner Airsoft Guns

Lancer Tactical and beginner airsoft guns: two words that go together well.

Beginner airsoft guns are reliable, straightforward, easy to use, easy to take care of, and offer a good balance in terms of value and performance. Being tolerant of inexperienced users is also a bonus, as is a platform that can be modded to boost performance.

These are the sort of things you’ll get from the Lancer Tactical platforms featured here, all of which make excellent beginner airsoft guns.

Lancer Tactical Gen 3 M-LOK 13” M4 AEG
With a nylon polymer frame and metal tight-bore barrel assembly, the Lancer Tactical Gen 3 M-LOK 13” M4 AEG is one tough AEG, and one of the latest from Lancer Tactical.

It comes with both a high-FPS (installed) and low-FPS spring, each of which offers FPS ratings between 380-400 and 330-350 FPS, respectively. It comes with a 130-rd mag but is compatible with other M4 style magazines, including high-capacity magazines.

It also features an M4 Proline Gearbox with ultra-smooth ball-bearings as well as a rotary hop-up system. It offers high rates of fire, plenty of power, and the ability to really dial accuracy in. In addition, it comes with a programmable ETU (or electronic trigger unit) that allows for varying burst modes.

What’s probably the best thing about this rifle? The price, at under $234.

Lancer Tactical LT-02B-G2 MK18 Mod 0 M4 Gen 2 AEG
Lancer Tactical’s high-quality Gen 2 rifles still pack a punch, and the LT-02B-G2 MK18 Mod 0 M4 is the proof of that.

With an upgraded, nylon-reinforced polymer body, this thing is lightweight, maneuverable, compact, and tough – all things you want in an AEG in specific and a beginner airsoft gun in general.

It features adjustable front and rear sights, and the rear sight is a flip-up, so you can easily fit an optic like a red dot on the rail. Plus, its hop-up is adjustable so you can extend your range and accuracy – both vital. (It has plenty of space on the rail system, too).

This thing also has a Version 2, fully-upgradeable gearbox, so if you ever feel the need to spice things up with an upgrade that will offer greater power, trigger response, or rates of fire, the world is your oyster. Or, this Lancer Tactical AEG is, at least.

The price isn’t bad here, either, at $173.00, making it a great entry-level option in a beginner gun for airsoft players.

Lancer Tactical Enforcer Blackbird AEG with Alpha Stock
Alright, the Lancer Tactical Enforcer Blackbird AEG is a little bit more expensive than the other two suggestions, but we think it makes a great beginner airsoft gun anyway, and we think you’ll agree.

This is an excellent Lancer Tactical airsoft rifle. These airsoft rifles offer excellent out-of-the-box performance and powerful internals. Like the previous entry, they feature full-metal Version 2 upgradeable custom boxes that are strong and reliable but which can also be easily replaced.

Highlights of this platform include its M-LOK style handguard which offers tons of rail space, Alpha stock, a tight-bore barrel, and a quick-change spring that enables you to easily adjust your FP ratings.

In addition, this rifle comes with a fast trigger and has both an ETU and a MOSFET located in the gearbox, which will protect your trigger contacts, extend your trigger life and improve trigger response as well.

It’s also fast and powerful, capable of both semi-auto and fully-auto modes of fire, delivering muzzle velocities of up to 395 FPS.

Two more things: it’s dripping with swag and is priced at under $285. Not as affordable of a price as the other two Lancer Tactical highlights featured here, but still a good deal for getting started playing airsoft.

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Looking for budget-friendly beginner airsoft guns to get you into airsoft games? Any of these Lancer Tactical AEGs will suit you just fine in close quarter battles on the airsoft field.

Lancer Tactical also makes green gas-powered airsoft guns, so since you’ll be needing an airsoft pistol as a sidearm, something like their Knightshade Hi-Capa will do you just fine.

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