4 Things You Don’t Want in Drinking Water (That an Everpure Water Filtration System Can Remove)

According to an article published in USA Today in 2017 which gathered data from the Environmental Protection Agency, almost 63 million Americans were exposed to unsafe water in the previous ten years.

Figures vary according to the source and time of publication. Still, the takeaways are humbling nonetheless, especially in a country like the United States where it’s assumed that access to safe water is a forgone conclusion.

There are also many different factors that can be considered unsafe, ranging from mineral to biological factors.

Fortunately, many Everpure water filtration systems can effectively remove many of these contaminants. Let’s start with the following.

Lead was once common in solder as well as in plumbing fixtures, and water that is highly acidic or low in dissolved minerals is highly susceptible to contamination.

Lead is implicated in a wide range of adverse health conditions and can damage the brain, kidneys, and other internal organs.

Due to the prevalence with which lead has been used in plumbing in the past, the best recourse is to install an Everpure water filtration system that is rated to remove lead – and many of them are.

2.Oxidized iron
Oxidized iron in drinking water is impossible to see, smell, or taste. In addition, at low levels, it is generally not believed to be harmful to health.

However, when exposed to air, the water can become cloudy and can leave ruddy, rusty stains on any fixtures or vessels with which it comes into contact.

The only solution is to remove it – which is something that many Everpure water filtration systems can also do.

3.Minerals that result in scale and leave stains
Calcium and magnesium are present in varying dissolved concentrations in water all around the country. Water with a high concentration of these minerals is known as “hard water.”

Hard water does not necessarily imperil health or the public interest, but it does leave unsightly stains on dishes, flatware, fixtures, and appliances, and an accumulation of scale can substantially damage plumbing fixtures by leaving deposits that restrict the flow of water through them.

Removing dissolved minerals that leave behind scale can prevent costly maintenance and repairs that are necessary to restore scale-damaged appliances and fixtures. Fortunately, many Everpure water filtration systems are rated to remove minerals that leave behind scale deposits.

4.Parasitic cysts
Many potentially harmful microbes, such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium, form cysts that are capable of remaining dormant in water for prolonged periods of time.

These cysts can cause a variety of illnesses if someone drinks water containing them. They must either be deactivated or removed. For a filter system, the latter avenue is the most practical option and consequently many Everpure water filter systems, which can remove particulate matter down to .5 microns, can remove them.

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