5 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Cheap .fr Domain Registration

.fr Domain Name comes into one of the most frequently registered ccTLD in the world. Businesses are Buying a cheap .fr Domain Registration then before. In 2021 over 352 million domains are registered, and 164 million businesses are registered for the .com domain name. Moreover, 32 million registered for other legacy TLDs, 29 million new domain names were created and 125 million people registered for ccTLD.

ccTLD(geographic Domains) are becoming very popular these days. In a few years, num of registration for ccTLD will cross TLD registrations. In France, 45% of users opted for the .com Domain name while 39% of businesses Buy a Cheap .fr Domain Registration. And 11% of users registered for “Other Legacy” TLDs, 3% of users are recorded for French-owned foreign ccTLDs, and the Rest 2% of users registered for

“new TLDs”.

.fr Domain Country users are increasing and visitors prefer to buy services from these websites. In France, the .fr Domain gets a lot of attention in recent years. Businesses prefer Cheap .fr Domain Registration because of two reasons. First, it cost them less than a Top TLD., and second, most importantly, FR Domain Name Helps them to target local audiences easily. It improves their local visibility and brand image.

Business in France, Buy a Cheap .fr Domain Registration from Hostbillo Hosting Solution. Businesses go with Hostbillo because of two reasons. First, they are the most trusted and well-known Domain Provider in France. And second, they offer so many features with Cheap .fr Domain Name. 

More about the features offered by Hostbillo later, first let’s understand the 5 Reasons to Register a .fr Domain Name. 

5 Reasons to Get a .fr Domain Registration

  • Trust of Customers

.fr Domain inspires people to trust your site as they know more about your business and are familiar with Business. In France, the .fr Domain has been for a long time, and people know, it represents that your business is established in France and you are proud of that.

Using Fr Domain Name displays to users that you have a local presence, it describes your European presence.

  • Search Engine Like ccTLD

Using .fr Domain Name clear define Google and other search engine result that your business is focusing more on the local audience. Moreover, you are targeting a certain geographic location. Because of Using .fr Domain Country Google easily know more about your business and it put your business in the Top SERP result in France.

  • .fr Domain Name Are Available More Than .com

One big problem with the .com Domain Name is, there are very few domains left. The chances of getting your desired domain name are very low. But in the case of .fr Domain Registration only people from France or European Union or Businesses established in France can apply for this.

This registration criterion for the .fr Domain gives chances to people or businesses to get their desired domain name.

  • .fr Domain is Shorter Than Many TLD

.fr Domain contains only two characters. It is short, easy to memorize, and easy to pronounce. Generally, Businesses or people don’t like to buy longer domain names. It is hard to remember and users also don’t like to prefer it.

  • Budget Friendly

Cheap .fr Domain Comes at the lowest price. If you register a .com Domain Name you have to pay a lot for this. Anyone can register for a .com Domain Name, Which makes it more expensive and hard to get desired Domain Name. while .fr Domain is Franch official ccTLD. And only french people and companies can apply for this.

It comes at a lower price than other TLDs. for a small and growing business, it is the best advantage they can get.

Buy a .fr Domain Registration From Hostbillo at Just 7.49$

Buy a .fr Domain Registration From Hostbillo

Getting your desired Domain Name at a cheap price is a blessing. Hostbillo offer .fr Domain Registration at a cheap Price. You can buy it for just 7.49$ for a year. Hostbillo is one of the popular Domain and Web Hosting Solution providers in France.

They offer the best services and features at the lowest price. Hostbillo has a great reputation in France, they offer many features with the .fr Domain which is why Businesses tend to choose them.

Some of the top features offered by Hostbillo are-

  • You can customize Whois searches with Hostbillo’s Custom Nameserver
  • For securing your personal details Hostbillo offers ID Protection
  • For Reducing redundancy and boosting availability Hostbillo offer Free DNS Management
  • To Protect your Domain Account Hostbillo offers Domain Theft Protection
  • 24/7 customer support for solving your quarry


Businesses in France choose .fr Domain Registration for getting more customers locally and rank their business site in local search results. .fr Domain is for the french audience. It is helpful for local business, that wants to grow locally faster and build a strong online presence.

Buying the .fr Domain from Hostbillo would be a wise decision. You know what are features they offer and how much they are important for your business site. At a cheap price, you can get your desired .fr Domain. You can get more details on Hostbillo’s official website.

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