Benefits of cucumber on eyes

Uses of cucumber


1. Reduce Eye Swelling

Keeping cucumber slices on the eyes can reduce the swelling of the eyes. Due to the swelling of the eyes, the beauty of your face also decreases. But by applying cucumber to the eyes, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can reduce eye inflammation.


how to use


To reduce the swelling of the eyes, cut some cucumber slices and keep them in the fridge for some time. Then lay it comfortably on the eyes and lie down for a while. This can reduce swelling.


  1. Fights Cellulite

Cucumber juice contains phytochemicals, which aid in the production of collagen. It helps in making the dry skin under the eyes healthy and also makes the skin glow.


how to use


For this, clean your face properly and apply your skin care routine facemask on the skin and keep cucumber slices on your eyes. This does not make the skin under the eyes dry and lifeless.


  1. Reduce Dark Circles

The antioxidants and silica in cucumber can help reduce dark circles. Although it cannot eliminate dark circles permanently, it does help in lightening the skin around the eyes. It clears the complexion of the skin around the eyes and makes the face look beautiful.


how to use


For this, grind the cucumber slices well and make a paste of it. Then add honey to it and apply it under the eyes and lie down comfortably for 20 minutes. After that wash the face with cold water. This can reduce the dark circles of the skin.


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  1. Reduces Wrinkles in the Eyes

The skin around our eyes is very soft. Wrinkles and fine lines can sometimes spoil your beauty while cucumber is a natural moisturizer, which helps in hydrating the skin around the eyes. This can reduce wrinkles around the eyes and make the skin appear younger.


To reduce the wrinkles under the eyes, you can mix lavender oil in cucumber paste and massage it with the help of a finger slightly under the eyes. It also gives rest to the eyes.


  1. Protects eyes from irritation

Sometimes, due to prolonged laptop or screen time, there can be irritation in the eyes. In addition, it can cause watery eyes and itching. For this also you can apply cucumber on your eyes  and it can also bring good sleep.


For this, you can soak cucumber slices in green tea and keep it to cool down. After cooling down for a while, you can massage one slice of it on the face and keep two slices on both the eyes.


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