Best Android Apps You Should Use

If you have an Android smartphone then you’ll require important apps to connect your files, stream movies and track your sleep patterns, catch up with your reading, and so on. We’ve compiled the top applications like mega personal available on the Google Play Store has to provide.


1. Dropbox

Dropbox is still the most reliable application for seamlessly syncing your files to and from portable devices. It works on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and of course Android which means you’ll never be with no access to an important document. Dropbox can be used Dropbox to backup your videos and photos to the cloud, store important PDFs in your bag, or even take notes that sync onto your notebook.

On the other hand, On the negative side, the free Dropbox plan comes with a bare minimum of 2-GB amount of space. If you require more storage space the premium plan starts at just $10 each month to get 1TB of storage. 

2. Plex

Plex lets you stream movies, music television shows, images, and much more from your PC on the Android device. It is necessary to install the application for the Windows or macOS computer first. Then, you can stream any files stored on the hard drive to your phone – no regardless of where you happen to be.

However, there are some limitations. While you can stream files to other computers at no cost, in order to transfer the files to an Android phone and avoid limits on the size of your files–you’ll require an annual fee of $5. Plex Pass subscription. You must also have all of your files downloaded to the computer’s disk since Plex cannot work with protected videos bought through Google, Apple, or Amazon. In addition, you’ll need an extremely fast connection to avoid buffering times that are too long.

3. Pocket

There’s never enough time to read up on all the online articles. Instead of letting tabs multiply, Pocket lets you save content from any browser, regardless of whether it’s on your tablet, computer, or even your phone. Read these articles in your own time using the Android application. You can also transfer the content to be available even when you’re not online. Furthermore, Pocket strips out all the advertisements and other distractions from websites for a cleaner reading experience that is pleasant on the eyes.

Additional features, like advanced search and automatic tagging, are available for a cost of monthly subscription of $5. Additionally, it comes with the benefit of removing advertisements from the Pocket application.

4. Snapseed

There are many Android applications for editing images however, we’re huge fans of Snapseed. It lets you use all the image-tweaking tools you could imagine and can assist you with everything from changing hues to removing objects. It is possible to spend a lot of time making adjustments to the effects on the most precise level or you can simply add the filters you want in just a few minutes. Despite the many options, Snapseed and its tools remain easy to use. When you’re done you’ll be able to share the results and export them.

It was originally an app that was independent, Snapseed is now developed by Google. Like many other Google apps, it’s available for free.

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