Best Place to Submit Invention Ideas

If you have an idea inventions for a new product or service, the best place to submit your idea is to a company that is looking for it. Some companies are more open to new ideas than others, and they will even consider 3D prototypes. You can best place to submit invention ideas your ideas online to the company that interests you, and they will review them to see if they are a good fit for their company.

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If you are an inventor and have an idea that can change the world, there are many places you can submit it to. Some of these places pay royalties on approved inventions, so it pays to be innovative. Others have a licensing deal with a company that will pay you royalties for up to a decade.

Before submitting your idea to a company, you should do some research about the company. Research the market for the product, what other companies are selling, and who might be interested in your product. You may also want to make sure that your idea is not already being used by someone else, so make sure you do a patent search. Also, be sure to research production options. You should know about how to get your idea into a working model.

General Electric is a multinational conglomerate and science-based technology company. They have been in business for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of people get their ideas into a working product. You can submit your idea through their website. They also work with Amazon and Walmart, among many other companies. Their application process is online and consists of four steps.

Another big company that actively accepts invention ideas is King. They have more than 100 brands and may already be working on a product of your idea. One of their most popular brands is SwimWays, which manufactures swimming gadgets for kids and adults. King is also a popular game developer and owns Candy Crush, which has garnered millions of users.

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If you have an idea for a new product, you should idea invention submitting it to some major companies. Companies like Under Armour and Oxo, two global brands that manufacture sports apparel, accept inventions. Both companies actively search for new product ideas, and have comprehensive guidelines for submission. In addition, they have a way of filtering out non-useful submissions.

Both companies have decades of experience, and have launched some successful products. They work with Walmart, Amazon, and many other retailers. You can submit your idea to them by mail, and the entire process should take less than an hour. You will be notified of their decision within five days. Some companies will accept your submissions right away, while others will take much longer.

Inventors should also research companies in the industry of their invention. Some companies have a separate section on their website dedicated to this. But keep in mind that not all companies have the time or resources to develop new products. So, you can also try to sell your idea to companies that don’t have the resources to develop it.

If you have an idea for a new product, you should try submitting it to companies that produce similar products. For example, you can try submitting your invention to a company like BD, which makes coffee and tea products. But be careful to make sure that the company doesn’t already have a patent on your idea. The US Patent and Trademark Office will be able to tell you if another company has already developed and patented it. If so, you can ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


The best place to submit your invention idea is an online marketplace such as Flippa, which offers free listings. But having an invention idea is not enough, you must also be able to prove that it is your own. This will help you protect your idea from imposters and other potential copycats. To do this, you must write down the idea in detail, including how you came up with it, how it works, and what you plan to produce.

The conclusion should make the reader glad that he or she read the paper. It should make the reader think differently and appreciate the topic in a way that is personally relevant to them. It should also hint at broader implications of the topic. In short, it should be a gift for the reader.


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