Chamfer Mills: Surprisingly Versatile Tools

Chamfer mills are among the most common end mills in a machinist’s toolbox. This is because they are ideal for completing projects and attending to minor details. Chamfering is the process of adding a flat surface to an object as a transitional edge between two faces. The most common type of chamfering is at a 45° angle on a 90° corner. Though chamfer mills are specifically designed to add a chamfer to your edges, they can also perform a variety of other tasks that you may not have considered.

Beveling an edge is one of the chamfer mills obvious functions. Many people mix up a chamfer and a bevel. A chamfer only affects the edge where your sides meet, whereas a bevel affects the entire edge. The effectiveness of your chamfer cutter when beveling an edge is determined by the workpiece. If your piece is thin enough, you can easily bevel the edge by orienting the tip of your chamfer mill along the piece’s bottom edge. When working with thicker material, use multiple passes of your chamfering mill to achieve a bevel.

Another task that chamfer mills excel at is deburring. When your milling is finished, there will almost certainly be some stray burs on your piece. You can avoid the time-consuming process of manually deburring your piece by tracing the edges you just cut with your chamfering mill. You can also deburr using only a small portion of the cutting head, which means the job can be completed quickly and with minimal cutter wear.

Another great way to extend the life of your chamfer cutters is to use them for spotting and countersinking. Long drill bits are more flexible than short drill bits. This can easily lead to them wandering instead of placing your hole precisely on target. You can avoid these deflections that can easily ruin your workpiece by spot drilling a dimple to receive the bit. After drilling the hole, you can use your chamfer mill to widen the top of the hole and add a countersink. Instead of using three different tools to spot and countersink, you can do it with just your chamfering mill.

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