Custom Paper Cups – Single Walled or Double Walled?

We don’t often think about the custom paper cups we use to drink coffee, tea, and other drinks from cafes and vending machines. They are like everyday things that we don’t pay much attention to (unless they are really interesting to look at!).
But if you want to buy custom printed paper cups for your coffee shop business, restaurant, or office, you need to pay attention to their quality and thickness.
One of the things you’ll have to decide is whether you want single-walled or double-walled paper cups. This is in addition to the design, size, and color.
Want to learn the difference between single or double walled custom paper cups packaging? Which one is best for your business? Then this blog is for you. Continue reading!

Choosing Single Walled Paper Cups

Single-walled custom paper cups only have one layer or wall of paperboard (the thickness can vary from 180 GSM to 210 GSM). Most of the time, these cups are made from high-quality paper board that is safe for food.
They are especially good for cold drinks. They can be used for hot drinks, especially milk ones, that won’t boil (below 80°C) and will be drunk on-site by customers.
But these cups aren’t good for freshly brewed coffee or tea because they don’t have insulation and the outside of the cup will get too hot to hold. Some places just ask customers if they want hot drinks or serve them by putting two single-walled cups together.
Also, if the customer is on the go and you want to keep the drink warm, a single-walled cup won’t work because it doesn’t have enough insulation. The hot drink will get cold quickly.

Picking Single Walled Paper Cups

Single-walled custom paper cups are also more common, affordable, and better for the environment. They use less paper and energy. They reduce transportation emissions by moving more cups at once.

Choosing Double Wall Custom Paper Cups

Double-walled custom printed paper cups, as the name suggests, have two layers of paperboard (of around 210 GSM and up). Because there is air between the two layers of paperboard, these cups keep drinks from getting too hot or too cold.
Double-walled paper cups keep your beverage warmer for longer. They protect customers from hot drinks and are easy to grip. They make it easier to move the drinks around and serve them. It costs less than putting two single-walled cups together to make a double-walled cup.

Picking Double Walled Custom Paper Cups

Due to the amount of paper used, double-walled paper cups cost more than single-walled paper cups. The cups do a good job of holding drinks and don’t get soggy over time.

What’s the Difference?

A single-wall paper cup has only one layer of paper, while a double-wall paper cup has two. The extra layer and textured pattern help to keep hot drinks from getting through to the user. The extra layer makes the cup worse for the environment. We know what’s going on and offer a double-walled solution, but a single-walled cup is always our first choice.
Custom Printed Paper Cups Wholesale may seem simple, but their shapes, sizes, colors, and materials might affect their performance.
Thus, your coffee shops must understand their differences to make the best choice for their company.

Which is Worthy to Choose?

A blend of single-wall and double-wall cups may be best for many beverage businesses, despite its pros and cons. Because individuals drink smaller drinks faster, drink size matters. Single-walled cups for espressos and other “short” drinks and double-walled cups for larger drinks save money.
Only high-end drinks should be served in double-walled cups. If you’re targeting corporate or high-income clients, a finer cup may create a better impression. If you’ve been providing a nearby office free coffee for a while, this may be a waste. In this instance, you have loyal clients who know and like your firm. If you gave them a double-walled cup, they probably wouldn’t change what they order to drink. The cup’s outside can be altered to notify them where and how to recycle it. Only cups lined with compostable or biodegradable materials work for this option.

In a Nutshell:

To distinguish your beverage brand, CP Food Boxes uses food-grade Kraft Paper cups for our regular custom paper cups. Let us know if you need custom printed paper cups or plain paper cups. We provide eco-friendly custom paper cups which are made from recyclable material.

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