Dental Group of Covina

Dental Group of Covina

A great dental practice that provides a variety of services to its patients. This practice is a great choice if you’re in need of a dentist, but don’t have time to visit them all. You can visit the Dental Group of Covina for more information.

Dental Group of Covina is a dental clinic in Covina, CA. We have 0 reviews on Yelp and a rating of stars from our patients. Dental Group of Covina. You can also view our hours of operation and get directions.


Dental Group of Covina is a medical group practice in Covina, California. It is a dental care practice that specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry. West Covina is one of its many service areas. We also offer teledentistry, so you can book an appointment over the phone with a live dentist.

Dental Group of Covina

Offers teledentistry

Teledentistry is a new way to receive essential oral health care without having to visit a dentist’s office. Teledentistry allows patients to chat with a board-certified dentist who is conveniently located on the Internet. During the teledentistry session, patients can discuss dental health concerns, receive a diagnosis and get prescription medications.

This teledentistry service allows you to communicate with your dentist without leaving your home. In addition to providing comprehensive dental care, this practice offers a variety of payment options. You can choose to pay for your dental treatment using any major credit card or cash. You can also take advantage of the practice’s flexible scheduling, and no deposit is required. Whether you have health insurance or a flexible payment plan, the dental team at Dental Group of Covina can help you achieve a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

Provides x-rays

A dental X-ray can be extremely helpful in determining the health of your teeth, jaws, and sinuses. Depending on the type of radiograph taken, a dentist can also determine the extent of any bone disease. The frequency of x-rays varies with individual circumstances, but children who have a high risk for childhood tooth decay may need to have them twice a year. Additionally, patients with orthodontic problems may need to undergo regular radiographs.

Quickly becoming a significant part of the dental industry. Give a dentist an image of your tooth without the traditional process of developing a film negative. The resulting image is stored in a digital file and the dentist can manipulate it by zooming in and sharpening it as necessary. X-rays also contain less radiation than traditional film X-rays. The dentist can also store the X-ray images in a secure location, as they are stored digitally and can only be used when necessary.


The Dental Group of Covina offers a variety of dental care services for both children and adults. We specialize in general dentistry, laser treatments, and implant dentistry. In addition to providing regular checkups, the team at this office provides dental implants, TMJ treatment, and emergency dental care. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced professionals who use advanced dental materials to ensure the best possible results. Patients can expect a friendly atmosphere with exceptional service.

We offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dental services for both children and adults. Dental services range from regular cleanings to dental implants and everything in between. Patients can even get x-rays done digitally at the practice, while children can also enjoy fillings, tooth-colored fillings, and more.

Dental Group of Covina


Before the procedure, you should know a little about what to expect. Your teeth will be prepped so that they will be able to support a veneer, but this process can take a few visits. To start, your dentist will take an impression or mold of your teeth to determine the appropriate thickness. Next, they will choose a shade of veneer for your smile, and the dentist will place a bonding cement between the tooth and the veneer. Finally, a special light beam will harden the bond between the veneer and your tooth. Afterward, you should brush your teeth gently and avoid foods that might push your veneer out of place.

If you have ever had veneers installed, you know that proper hygiene is essential to their lasting beauty. Brushing and flossing after meals and visiting your dentist regularly are crucial to keeping your new veneers looking fresh. If you are prone to tooth grinding, wearing a nightguard may help prevent damaging your veneers. Moreover, you should wear a mouth guard after eating. Otherwise, you risk damaging your new veneers by chewing on hard objects and foods that can damage them.


Full dentures are the most common type of denture. They are a set of artificial teeth attached to a metal framework and are held in place by a plastic base. The metal base is attached to the adjacent natural teeth and prevents the false teeth from shifting. Partial dentures are also removable and look completely natural. If you have a few missing teeth, a partial denture may be the best option for you.

In addition to looking and feeling natural, full dentures also function just like a real set of teeth. The only thing that separates them from a real set of teeth is the fact that they’re not removable. This is why patients are often advised to wait a few weeks before wearing their full set of dentures. While some patients may prefer to skip this waiting period, there’s still a small amount of adjustment needed to ensure that the dentures fit properly.

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