Dental Marketing Tips: Incorporating Your Investment in 3D Cone Beam Dental Systems

If you’ve recently made the investment in cone beam (CBCT) technology, you and your staff will likely be eager to start using your new equipment. With time and proper training, a 3D cone beam dental system can be a valuable asset to your practice. Not only can it be used to increase your imaging capabilities as well as service offerings, you can also use it to your advantage to attract more patients.

Here are a few top tips for marketing your 3D cone beam dental system.

1.Carefully Craft Website Content
The first and likely the most obvious place you can make an announcement about your expanded practice functionality is on your website. Your website reaches both patients and dental professionals in your geographic area and can be used to educate current and prospective patients about your new imaging technology and updates to your services.

Start by conducting research about the specific manufacturer and model of your new dental CBCT system to ensure you have relevant information and imagery. Focus on the details, features, and benefits that they spotlight, and then apply this language to your unique practice offerings.

2.Communicate with Your Patients
If your practice distributes texts or emails for communications such as appointment reminders or e-newsletters, include a link in them to your new dental cone beam website content. From there, interested patients can learn more about the new dental CBCT system and its capabilities to help them understand what this means for them.

Direct mail is another great avenue to help raise awareness of your new services. Try including photographs of the unit and sample 3D scans to capture interest. However, make sure that you remove any PHI and procure necessary approvals before publishing any clinical images.

When your patients come in for their dental appointments, you could use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of your new dental cone beam system, especially if your patients are visiting for a CBCT scan for the first time.

During these appointments, you can explain all of the relevant features and benefits of the unit and even show them the captured scan once it is complete. The visual data provided by CBCT scans is easy for the patient to understand, which also helps with case acceptance.

3.Market to Your Referrals
Another marketing opportunity when owning an in-house CBCT unit is creating partnerships with nearby dental professionals.. Reach out to local practices and inquire if they would like to refer patients to you for fee-based cone beam exams. Neighboring practices might also be willing to refer patients to you to treat more complex procedures because these particular procedures require a dental cone beam scan.

Invest in a Certified Pre-Owned 3D Cone Beam Dental System from Renew Digital
Adding a dental cone beam system to your practice gives you an immense amount of flexibility and countless options for building your business and generating additional streams of revenue. However, it is no secret that these systems are a significant investment for any practice. When you are investing in a cone beam dental system, consider purchasing certified pre-owned to help offset your initial investment

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