Flawless Abena African Print Maxi Dress Collection by House of Sarah14

Show up by wearisome astonishing, well-made Abena African Print Maxi Dress by House of Sarah14. We are proud ourselves to provide top-quality African Print Maxi Style dresses to our women worldwide. Our print maxi dresses are prepared with rich-quality fancy prints obtained from Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana. All print maxi dresses are according to customers’ sizes.

Are you planning for some hangout with your besties and do you want to wear this Abena African Print Maxi Dress of House of Sarah 14? The House of Sarah 14 has a wide range of print maxi dresses for you in its online store. You will look gorgeous, and feel superior among your friends. The dress has perfect stitching and fittings, and these maxi dresses are made up of soft fabric. You can precise yourself with your favorite outfit. You can wear this maxi without getting hesitant about your figure; it offers surprisingly fit measurements accordingly. The maxi design is pleasing with eye-catchy color, which makes you more confident and you look sensational at any event. 

Discover Abena African Print Maxi Dress at House of Sarah14

This women’s Abena African Print Maxi Dress is the best outfit for a hangout. This printed maxi dress is the best choice for dining out, work meetings, etc. The print maxi dress is perfect for summertime or warm days; you have the freedom to select a cool color with optimistic flowery designs. These lovely maxi dresses are perfect to carry and easy to move around in the shiny design. It is a full-length outfit from the chest to the toes.


The printed maxi dresses from the House of Sarah 14 offer a very attractive shadow and perfect fittings, which makes you feel happy and confident during your gatherings. The House of Sarah 14 has a very flexible Ruby African Print Maxi Dress with a string at its midriff. This print maxi dress has a deep and V-shaped neckline, and the sleeves are somewhat longer than the body of the maxi dress.


  • Lightweight and comfortable cotton fabric.
  • Fittings are true to size.
  • Astonishing floral prints
  • Beautiful color combinations
  • The fabric can wash in the machine easily.

What makes Ruby African Print Maxi Dress vibrant?

To create a stylish look you can wear this Ruby African Print Maxi Dress and pair it with matching sandals or heels. The stretch fabric and vibrant color combo of the Ruby African Print Maxi Dress make it perfect for hot days. The main fabric is made from cotton, i.e. 100% natural and unprocessed. This amazing and high-quality African maxi dress for women has full-zip closure at its back for perfect fittings. 




African Print Maxi is best suited for almost all sizes of women. The African print maxi designer dress will custom fit. The most attractive thing about the House of Sarah 14 is its cost-effective product range.  

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