Giramondo Provide Best Food For All In Lahore Gulberg

Traditional Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg
Now that you’ve realized that we love food. and why should we not? We’re from Lahore, are we not? And we would love you to try all of our incredibly iconic foods that the city offers; Because if you have not had all the street food in Lahore, then you visited us at all! We have put together a list of traditional food in Lahore and the various restaurants or cafes where you can try these foods. Hopefully, your taste buds will enjoy all these delicious treats just as much as ours: here we are!

Giramondo Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri is a traditional that Lahoris love with all their hearts. Giramondo is the Best restaurant in Lahore Gulberg for halwa puri.The authentic taste of Halwa Puri will always take you back to old Lahore: with the best taste…in the city! Giramondo Halva Puri clearly has decided to counter-attack when he can. It’s outdoor street dining (well not exactly dining, but what’s the real Lahore experience if you do not sit on the street and have your food ?!), where you are served fresh puris so you can eat them full. Next is their halwa – halwa is a sweet breakfast dish that everyone can enjoy. The mating of halwa puri is just wonderful for anyone to start a lazy Sunday with!

If Giramondo Halwa Puri feels a little further away so you can try it, do not despair. There are quite a few famous Halwa Puri places in town, and probably also close enough to you for you to try! giramondo serves their Halwa Puri early in the morning, fresh from the stove so customers can enjoy it quickly. Located in Liberty Market, this little restaurant sells out of Halwa Puri pretty quickly, so if you want a bite here, be sure to come early in the morning and enjoy their food! You do not want to be late because you probably will not get anything after noon. 11.00.

Giramondo Paye

Paye is a favorite dish among Pakistanis. This traditional dish includes hooves of goats, sheep or even buffaloes, which are slowly cooked with various spices to make sauce. Enjoyed with naan or khameeri rotis, Paye is often also loved by most as Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

If you love Paye, then try Giramondo Paye if you still have not. Again, when we go back to the fortified city of Lahore, located in 100 C2 – Gulberg III, Lahore Pakistan, “Giramondo Siri Paye” is well known throughout the city. It’s a street food style restaurant, so you should probably keep that in mind before you go there to eat – but just remember that the taste is 100% worth the trip, and get used to it. The reason why Giramondo is so famous is due to the perfect blend of spices and slowly cooked trotters that make it taste soft and delicious. You have to try it yourself to know that it is definitely worth the hype!

3. Nihari

If you have not tried Nihari yet, this is your sign to do so. Nihari is a traditional dish that was loved by the Mughal emperors, a meal they would enjoy as a breakfast after their morning prayer. It includes slowly cooked meat and stew, flavored with spices that have the effect of an outburst of flavor in the mouth. The meat from Nihari is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth the moment you ingest it, so trust us when we say you should try it.

4. Channa
Giramondo Murgh Channay is also extremely famous. Murgh Channa is a dish that includes chicken cooked slowly with chickpeas to form a sauce full of traditional spices, again enjoyed with naan or khameeri roti, whichever you prefer. People in Lahore crave this dish and enjoy it at giramondo Naqeebia in Model Town, because as you probably guessed, they have the best Murgh Channay in town! They serve these as breakfast, so be sure to get there in time and let your mind be blown away by the taste of this beloved dish. This is Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

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