Houses for Sale in New Orleans, Louisiana

When you’re looking for houses for sale in New Orleans, LA, you’ll find a wide variety of options. The city is home to Southern-style and Acadian-style homes, and offers many unique neighborhoods to explore. Some of these homes are incredibly charming, and many neighborhoods feature unique architectural designs.

304 homes for sale in New Orleans, LA

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Schools in New Orleans, LA

Parents in New Orleans, LA face many decisions when it comes to their children’s education. Fortunately, there are resources to help them make the right choice. One of these resources is Red Stick Mom, which aims to make the decision easier for parents. The website has listings of the best New Orleans, LA schools and resources, including splash pads for kids and fun places to take your kids after school.

While there are a number of public and private four-year universities in the area, there are also plenty of schools that offer online degree programs. The best online schools, like Franklin University, tend to focus on adult learners. The nonprofit institution offers more than 50 degree programs 100% online. There are also two private colleges in the area, both of which have relatively high enrollments. These two schools each boast full rankings of their programs, according to U.S. News College Compass.

Neighborhoods in New Orleans, LA

The city of New Orleans, LA has many neighborhoods, each with their own unique personality and feel. From the central business district to residential neighborhoods near LSU, New Orleans, LA offers a variety of living options. Popular neighborhoods include Downtown, Spanish Town, and the Garden District. These areas feature historic architecture and are close to the University of Louisiana at New Orleans.

Spanish Town was established in 1805, but it has undergone many changes over the years. Some structures date back to the 1820s, and others are more recent. The oldest one in Spanish Town, the Pino House, was built in 1823.

Home architectural design

Residential architects are an excellent resource for a home improvement project. They will be the tiebreaker between the homeowner and contractor, and they can be an advocate for the homeowner during the construction process. Different architecture firms offer different services. Their scope of work may range from pre-design environmental impact studies to selecting finishes and furniture.


There are many types of architectural designs to choose from when buying a house in New Orleans, LA. From Victorian to Acadian styles, the city offers a diverse collection of homes. You can also choose from a wide range of sizes, from 1,500 square feet condos to luxurious 10,000-square-foot mansions.

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