How Cheap Are Cheap Custom PC Builders?

When the time comes to buy our new gaming rig, we usually start by checking out component prices and how much stores charge for putting them together.

Today, even mid-range components tend to offer decent performance. This means that gamers have a lot more freedom when building their next gaming PC. It is easier than ever to get a great-looking gaming rig that also allows you to play games on high/ultra settings (depending on the title, of course).

However, this does not mean you can get away with buying the cheapest components from any website or marketplace. In fact, getting a machine from cheap custom PC builders might end up costing a lot more money than you think.

The Problem With Cheap Custom PC Builders
Building a PC, especially if it’s a machine for gaming, not only requires certain expertise. PC builders must understand which components go well together without causing bottlenecks, and how to properly assemble each component in ways that effectively reduce internal temperatures and foster proper ventilation and airflow. More importantly, they know gamers are a very discerning audience that does not take performance issues or delivery delays lightly. So, many have systems in place to promptly address these issues and offer quick and permanent solutions for any problem their customers may have.

There are online stores that, to lower their prices, they deliver products that leave a lot to be desired. Poorly installed components, a lack of component warranty, slow shipping and return systems, and annoying automated customer support systems that get you nowhere. These all represent hours of your time that you will have to spend if you want a decent final product from them. In short, there are no cheap custom PC builders out there. You either play Russian Roulette with providers who can’t guarantee that your components work correctly, and barely offer any assurances when it comes to replacement or labor warranties, or pay a bit more to make sure you get exactly what you want and up to three years of free technical support.

Boutique Custom PC Builders
Boutique custom PC builders are not what they used to be. A decade ago, this market niche was reserved for stores that would sell machines that looked like they came straight out of an MTV’s Pimp My Ride episode. While many of those PCs would look impressive and offer great performance, none of that justified the final cost, at least in my opinion. The final product was usually impractical and definitely out of range for most gamers who value performance over aesthetics.

Fortunately for us, there has been a progressive shift in the industry that has made high-end and awesomely looking PCs both affordable and practical. Today, boutique custom PC builders offer incredible performance, unparalleled attention to detail, and stunning aesthetic options for those who want a PC tower that looks imposing.

What’s more, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars for a top-of-the-line PC. Boutique PC builders like CLX Gaming offer incredibly affordable machines that offer incredible power without breaking the bank. For example, their SET configuration usually starts below $800 bucks, and still offers enough power to run Fortnite at 120 FPS or more, providing measurable advantages on the battlefield for serious gamers.

You don’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a budget PC that barely meets the minimum requirements. Visit CLX Gaming, one of the most reputable boutique custom PC builders out there, and get a machine you can be proud of. More importantly, the team at CLX stays with you after your purchase and offers amazing free tech support that includes a parts warranty and lifetime labor guarantee. No other custom PC builder can beat CLX when it comes to quality, performance, and service.

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