How Many Airsoft Magazines Should You Carry into a Match?

After putting so much time into researching what AEG will suit you best, and then potentially so much more time into modding it and tricking it out with airsoft attachments, it only makes sense to wonder how many airsoft magazines you should carry into a match.

After all, an empty mag can cost your team a victory. Here are some general observations which should prove helpful.

Think About Rounds…
Before we try to figure out how many magazines you need, let’s think of it in terms of rounds. As a general rule of thumb, you should head into a match with just about 1,000 rounds pre-charged into magazines.

It really depends on how trigger-happy you are, but for most players, 1,000 rounds or just a bit more, like 1,100 or 1.200 will do just fine.

If you’re shooting through mid-capacity M4 style mags with your AEG, and they each hold about 130 rounds, then doing the math, you need about 8 loaded mags before a match.

Let’s say you have a hi-cap M4 style airsoft magazine that holds 350 or even 400 airsoft BBs. Then, doing the math – carrying 3 loaded mags will give you anywhere between 1,050 and 1,200 rounds. So you can get high-capacity magazines and carry fewer.

But here’s the other thing – let’s just say you could find a 1,000-round hi-cap mag for your airsoft rifle. Should you only carry one?

No, never carry only just one, even if it has enough capacity. If your mag or gun jams, it’s dead in the water. Always carry a spare. Follow the motto: two is one and one is none.

What About Airsoft Pistol Magazines?
There’s always the chance that you’ll never even need to draw your sidearm in a match. After all, they are typically slower and less powerful than AEGs, not to mention they take airsoft pistol magazines that have much lower capacities.

With the exception of hi-cap airsoft pistol magazines, a lot have pretty low capacity. Many Glock airsoft replicas, for instance, accept magazines that have nominal 20-round capacities, or so.

So you don’t want to weigh your vest down with mags for your airsoft pistol. Still, keep to the motto of redundant fail safes. Always keep at least one spare, and a third or fourth, if your vest can spare the room.

Get a Tactical Vest, a Collapsible BB Storage Pouch, and a Speedloader, Too
A few more things related to the number of spare magazines you’re going to need. You should also get a few of these airsoft accessories.

One, get a good tactical vest with slots for your AEGs magazines. Eight or ten mags isn’t really a lot of weight but it needs to be organized effectively and ergonomically, along with your other tactical gear.

Also, always bring along at least one more canister full of BBs for your AEG, just in case you shoot through all your mags. Moreover, bring along a speedloader, too, so you can recharge your mags as needed.

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