How To Always Win The Game Of Ludo: Top Tips and Tricks

Ludo is likely to be one of your favorites if you enjoy playing board games. The Indian version of Ludo, also called Pachisi, has been a crowd pleaser for many years and generations. Although most players download ludo game online for fun, Ludo has a strategic element that might help you win if you know the appropriate strategies and techniques.

Thanks to ludo’s meteoric rise in popularity, we now have the option to play against complete strangers whenever we choose, wherever we are. The number of downloads of Ludo has increased by 55% during the past 2 years. Playing the same board game against the same people over and over again allows each player to learn about the other’s play style and develop a plan to defeat them.

When playing online, though, you will typically face up against a new set of opponents every time. Given that you have no personal information about the opponent, it is difficult to formulate a plan. That’s where you may put these strategies and techniques to use to become undefeated in Ludo.

Strategies To Become A Ludo Pro

To help you win your next game of ludo, we’ve compiled some of the most important strategies and techniques ever developed for the game:

  • Open all the coin pieces

Get your coins away from the home base as soon as possible; this is a crucial initial step in any winning Ludo strategy. If you’re simply betting one or two coins on each die roll, you’re taking a huge risk and might easily be eliminated by your opponent. 

Opening all coins increases your options when moving them, particularly when the value on the dice is low and you cannot save a vital coin from your opponent with that number. Therefore, prioritize putting all of your coins to use as quickly as possible.

  • Create a grid using your coins

Spreading your coins out throughout the board is a good tactic to use in a ludo game. If there is no one else around, you can freely shuffle your coins about once you’ve strategically put them. 

For instance, if you are surrounded by enemies and have two coins in the same location, the slightest movement of any piece could result in the quick death of one of your coins. In addition, you can prevent your rivals from completing the game by preventing them from returning home.

  • Take an offensive stance

The most exciting element of ludo is attacking other players, even if it means risking your own coins. Keep mercy out of your ludo game and go on the offensive if you want to win every time. 

You should carefully weigh the odds before attempting to steal an opponent’s coin. When your coin is within the first or second quadrant, you should intend to attack your opponent regardless of the risk to your coin.

However, if your coin is located in the third or fourth quadrant, you should instead assault your opponent if you have an opportunity to retreat to a safer distance. 

According to “The rule of 7,” you should always stay at least seven paces away from potential danger. The chances of your opponent scoring a 6 and 1 against you are reduced by this regulation.

  • Patience is essential

One of the most important strategies for winning at ludo is to be patient. Your coins are safe from elimination in the star-shaped zones of the board. 

If the dice roll isn’t favorable, it’s usually advisable to keep the coin inside the safe zone, particularly if your opponents’ coins are close by. You can alternatively shuffle about the parts that aren’t safe or are in danger.

To avoid losing coins, you must be patient, as one mistake move can send them back to the beginning of the level. Consistently playing Ludo has also been shown to improve problem-solving skills and patience.

  • Hinder your opponent

One strategy for sneaking your coin inside the house without being seen is to distract your opponent. You can be sure that your opponents will be keeping a close check on any of your coins that get too close to your base. 

In order to defend your pieces from the opponent’s attack, you must chase after their pieces and trap them. A solid approach is to always be at least seven moves ahead of your opponents, as their likelihood of catching up to you is low. 

  • Before You Begin, You Should Know The Rules

Knowing the rules of Ludo is crucial before putting any of the above strategies into practice. If you’re just starting out with ludo, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules so you can make the most of the ludo skills you learn. 

You will find out how to constantly protect your tokens, when it’s best to capture your opponent, and when it’s worth taking a chance by advancing your token into the fourth and final quadrant.

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