How To Become A Laravel Developer And its Programing Features

An open-source PHP web framework called Laravel gives developers the resources and tools they need to create and maintain PHP applications. It is one of the most widely used solutions for web development because it offers a complete ecosystem with integrated features, packages, and extensions. 

When you go out to recruit the proper people, however, technologies like Laravel, which can put you ahead of the competition, can also present difficulties. This means that designing the overall hiring process to choose the best Laravel developer might occasionally be difficult.

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How Do I Become a Laravel Developer?

  • First, learn PHP.
  • Utilize online tutorials to master the fundamentals of Laravel.
  • Connect with the Laravel community to gain knowledge from others.
  • Develop web applications to hone your abilities.
  • Create a resume and apply to work as a Laravel developer.
  • Emphasize the need to consistently hone your Laravel abilities.

Special Features of Laravel Programming

  1. MVC Architecture

Model View Controller is referred to as MVC. It stands for the architectural style that programmers use while creating apps. Developers won’t have codebases floating around like confetti since this software architecture divides the application/business/domain from the rest of the user interface. When developers work in codebases without architecture, it’s like trying to build a house with a tonne of materials but no idea where to begin. A developer’s code can be given structure and made easier to deal with by using MVC.

  2. Web App Security 

The security of Laravel is among its top advantages. Everybody has read news reports about websites being hacked and users losing cash and private information. Laravel will help you feel better if you are concerned about this. This framework uses salted and hashed password techniques to protect your database. As a result, a password would never be saved in plain text and would instead be transformed into an incomprehensible string of digits (hashing). In addition, it will include random characters before performing the hashing (salting). Bid adieu to hackers! 

  3 . Database Migration System 

Moving your data from one platform to another is known as database migration. Although it can seem straightforward, executing it incorrectly could result in your business losing important data. This is the reason why – 

1) Your developer needs to be knowledgeable and 

2) Laravel (again) saves the life of developers and businesses. For a variety of reasons, many businesses opt to shift their data to another platform. 

When they discover a different platform that better meets their demands, for instance. When there is a change in the code, Laravel’s migration system enables developers to expand the web app’s database structure without having to rebuild it from scratch.

4. Unit-testing

Did you know that the preferred web application framework for developers is Laravel? It is simpler in terms of unit testing, which is one of the key reasons. To make sure that each new modification made by the developer doesn’t have a detrimental impact on the web application, Laravel can perform a number of unit tests. Consider it like this: Unit testing will resemble playing Jenga with additional assistance. When you remove a component, Laravel’s unit-testing feature will ensure that no other pieces fall out of position.


Anyone who enjoys building web applications and wants to work with a reliable framework should choose a career in laravel development. If you have experience with PHP or are currently working as a developer, you can transition into a Laravel career by learning how to utilize Laravel and enhancing your resume with an interesting portfolio. If you are new to development, make sure to learn PHP and hone your Laravel abilities through tutorials and test assignments.

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