How to Install a Concrete Spur on Your Fence

Concrete spurs are a cheap way to reinforce your foundation. They are easy to install and resist rust, moisture, and rot. They can also be easily hidden from view. However, you should be sure to follow the instructions carefully, as there are several steps involved. Read on to learn more about this inexpensive strengthening method.

Easy to install

Installing a concrete spur on your fence is a simple, inexpensive way to strengthen your fence. These spurs are also resistant to rust, moisture, and rot. Moreover, they are durable and can last for many years. The following steps will help you install one on your fence. You will need a level surface on which to install the spur for the term Wooden Gate Installation Near Me Pflugerville TX.

First, dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the concrete spur. It should be at least two feet deep. After that, you can install the spur and attach it to the fence post. You can complete the job in less than two hours. You should make sure to use a spade for this task.

Once you have drilled a hole that is about two feet deep, place the concrete spur into the hole. You may need to chip away some concrete to make sure that the spur is flush with the wooden post. If the post is made of raw wood, you will need to apply a preservative to it for best outcomes against the search query Wooden Gate Installation Near Me Pflugerville TX.

After setting the spur in the hole, you should determine where you want to place it in the fence post. You can also use spare timber to brace the post so that it is in the right position. Once you have completed this process, check the level on the fence post to see that it is in the correct position.


A concrete spur is an economical way to reinforce a fence, wall, or gate without taking the fence down. Concrete spurs are easy to install and are resistant to rot, corrosion, and moisture. Despite their ugly appearance, concrete fence spurs are extremely durable. Once installed, they can last 25 years or more, which is a great advantage when compared to wooden posts.

A 4” Concrete Spur is 100mm thick and 1.2m long, which makes it the perfect size to reinforce a fence post. When installed properly, it will prevent the fence from further damage and will help you save money on a new fence. The spur installation process requires coach screws and a mix of cement and ballast.

A concrete spur installation can be very inexpensive and can be used with new timber posts. It is a simple process and is a great way to repair an old or wobbly fence. Once installed, concrete spurs will strengthen the post and last much longer than wooden ones. They are also resistant to moisture and rust and will add years to the life of your fence.

Easy to hide – Wooden Gate Installation Near Me Pflugerville TX

If you have a fence and you have noticed the timber posts are starting to rot, you can add an Easy Hide Concrete Spur to reinforce the posts. This is a cheap and easy way to repair the fence and save time and money by not having to replace the entire fence. To install the Spur, you’ll need a couple of coach screws and a mixture of cement and ballast.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can find a Mule-Hide roofing material at ABC Supply stores nationwide. You can also purchase it through a distributor. In the United States, there are more than 800 ABC Supply stores. This material is available in several different colors. Just make sure you get the right color to match your fence.

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