How to promote a Facebook page: strategies and advertising

Marketing strategies, quality content and advertising campaigns: here are some tips on how to promote a Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook page requires a few steps, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that once this part is finished, the work is downhill. Having a company Facebook page alone is not enough: what makes the difference is the growth strategy of your community, through both organic activities, which concern strategy and contents, and paid activities concerning sponsorship campaigns. Below you can find some useful tips to put into action right away on how to promote a Facebook page, achieving success. You have also option to buy Facebook likes Greece and overcome  your brand difficulties.

Promote a Facebook page organically: the importance of a strategy

Opening a Facebook page aims to increase the visibility of a company, consolidating its brand awareness and making its products known to a target audience. Before starting this type of business, however, it is essential to create a social media marketing strategy in which a series of aspects must be established:

  • identify your target audience, i.e., the people you want to talk to;
  • create a brand and product storytelling strategy;
  • identify their own tone of voice which must be recognizable and consistent with the brand;
  • create a coordinated image, in line with the site, through which some important graphic elements will be developed such as profile image, cover image and graphics, photos and videos that will be shared as posts on the page;
  • establish a short and medium-long term editorial plan in which, in accordance with the marketing and corporate strategy, the topics to be addressed, the products to be promoted and the news to be shared are highlighted.

Unfortunately, many companies still tend today to think that a Facebook page is equivalent to having a static showcase in which discounts, offers and often self-congratulatory content are shared. To promote a Facebook page, instead, it is advisable to create a content strategy and marketing funnels in which the needs and desires of people are put first and informative, entertaining, original and valuable contents are provided.

The importance of an editorial plan

One of the first tools to use when deciding to enhance your digital presence, especially on a social network like Facebook, is the editorial plan. It is a document that can be created with special tools or even with a simple excel file, which contains all the short and medium-term content strategy to be shared on the Facebook page.

Here are the items that should not be missing:

  • timing of publication
  • topics to be discussed (products, information news, value content, etc.)
  • copy of the post
  • accompanying visual element (photos, graphics, videos, etc.)
  • any budget for the sponsorship campaign
  • monitoring data 30 days from the publication of the contents.

Creating an editorial plan involves a series of important benefits because it allows you to maximize time, have an updated overview of your communication on Facebook in the short and medium term, analyze performance and understand which contents work best and which ones instead. perform worse, to update accordingly.

The importance of interactions for community growth

Those who do not want to invest budget in sponsoring campaigns with the aim of increasing the fanbase, must dedicate particular time and energy to the organic growth of the community. In addition to responding to comments and messages from users, it is also important to focus on other types of actions:

  • mention the fanpages in personal profile posts;
  • interact with other related pages;
  • invite your community to leave a review on the page;
  • create ad hoc columns in which audience users are invited to interact or share content with them in which they show the product and tell about it;
  • create targeted contests: in this way not only does the community feel the protagonist, but it will be possible to use user generated content in one’s editorial plan;
  • finally create a Facebook group and connect it to the Fan Page, so that every interaction will refer to your official resource.

When asked how to promote a fakebook page without paying, the answer is univocal: make yourself available to your community, creating quality content and building a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

How to promote a paid Facebook page

If until a few years ago there were few companies that invested budgets in sponsorship campaigns on Facebook, today the situation has completely changed. Facebook has effectively become a powerful marketing tool, but a timely advertising strategy is required to bring measurable and concrete results. SmmStore.Ca one of the best supplier to buy real Facebook likes and get paid promotion.

Creating sponsorship campaigns requires precise professionalism because it is necessary to study the objectives, the audiences, the budgets to invest and the contents to be created and finally measure the data obtained to understand if advertising has worked well or badly.

Sponsorship campaigns can have multiple objectives:

  • create interactions;
  • increase traffic to the website, blog or a dedicated landing page;
  • obtain well-profiled leads to be then retained through email marketing campaigns;
  • increase the fanbase, identifying a target audience;
  • do retargeting activities;
  • and more.

After identifying the goal, you want to achieve, it is important to create the audience and even in this case there are more variables:

  • you can create an audience for interests;
  • you can use the Facebook pixel installed on the reference site or blog;
  • you can use the customer mailing list ;
  • you can create a similar audience;
  • and more.

At this point, the budget to be invested must be set: the costs to promote the Facebook page vary according to the objectives, the public and the type of action required. For this it is necessary to make an initial estimate of how much you can invest and then create more test campaigns, to identify which works best and keep the one active.

Another decisive role in the success of a campaign concerns the creativity, that is the copy and the visual of the post that is sponsored. For this reason it is advisable to pay particular attention to the creative phase, creating a viral post that is visually appealing and immediately understandable, otherwise you risk losing the user’s attention. To create the best performing campaign possible, it is advisable to carry out a test among several options to understand which is the one that is pushed the most by the Facebook algorithm and consequently more visible to the public. Among the most rewarded content are native photos and videos uploaded to Facebook.

5 mistakes to avoid in Facebook sponsorship campaigns

When you decide to invest in sponsorship campaigns on Facebook it is easy to run into a series of mistakes and bad practices, here is what you need to avoid:

  • don’t segment the audience. Wanting to attract everyone’s attention in an indistinct way is never the best strategy: this is why it is important to carefully create your audiences and do tests to see which ones are more responsive to your content and your product, otherwise you risk investing a lot of budgets without getting anything;
  • to have as the sole objective the sale. The user who is reached by a Facebook campaign is not immediately a customer, but must be gently accompanied in this process. For this reason, before selling, it is advisable to create a funnel of campaigns that are designed, step by step, to win people’s attention, respond to their need and then sell the product, continuing over time to fill them with attention to transform them. back into customers.


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