How to See Recently Played Songs on Spotify?

This article explains how to see your lately performed songs on Spotify, with commands for viewing your history on both mobile and computing devices. We also include commands for viewing your maximum this one here days played Spotify podcasts and Spotify playlists.

How Do I See My Listening Activity on Spotify?

Spotify continues a record of your listening activity this one here, and you could get entry to it directly via the app on your smartphone or the computing device app.

You can see your maximum recently performed playlists and podcasts proper on the house display screen, or test your whole listening pastime during the last numerous months by way of digging a bit deeper.

How Do I View My Spotify History on My Phone?

You can view your most recent Spotify playlist and podcast history at once on your cellphone with the aid of scrolling down on the home display screen. Your music listening records is elsewhere. It works identically on both iPhone and Android.

Here’s the way to view your Spotify records on Android or iPhone:

  • Open Spotify and tap Home.
  • Tap the clock icon within the higher proper corner.
  • Touch the display screen and drag as much as view extra of your records.
  • Tap See all xx played to look at all of the songs you listened to on a specific day.

Touch the display screen and drag up to look at all the songs you listened to on that day or faucet the back button to check a one-of-a-kind day.

How Do I See My Spotify History On the Desktop App?

The Spotify computer app also permits you to check your listening history. A shortlist of new listening histories is available on the home display, and the accelerated list is to be had within the queue segment.

Here’s a way to see your Spotify history on the computer app:

  • Click the queue button within the backside proper corner.
  • Select Recently performed.
  • Your listening records will seem within the window.

How to See Your Most Recent Playlists and Podcasts

Spotify makes it even less complicated to check an outline of your maximum recent playlists and podcasts. The home screen of each of the cell and computer apps includes these days’ played section along with your latest playlists and podcasts.

The desktop app allows you to access the entire listing from there. This technique is nice if you need to look at playlists and podcasts but not character songs.

Here’s the way to see your most recent playlists and podcasts on Spotify:

  • Open the home display screen of the Spotify app and scroll down.
  • Locate the Recently performed phase, and faucet SEE ALL.
  • All these days performed playlists and podcasts seem on this web page.

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