How to travel cheap? Five online tips that will help you

List brings planning techniques that allow minimizing expenses with accommodation and air tickets; check out

Traveling cheap is a priority for many people planning vacation itineraries. To save money, travelers can turn to online tools that compare prices and flight segments, such as Sky scanner and Google Flights. Sites specialized in the search for accommodation, such as and Trivago, also help you find better deals and spend less.

In this sense, another tip for those looking for budget travel is to prefer renting vacation homes, an option possible on platforms such as Airbnb, to booking hotel rooms. To help you travel more and spend less. We have listed five online tips to save money on your national or international itineraries.

1. Use airline miles earned in loyalty programs:

Airlines have loyalty programs that generate air miles for customers who use their services. Depending on the amount of points accumulated, miles can be exchanged for free or discounted airline tickets. To find out what your balance is, just access your account at these companies and check your statement.

It is worth mentioning that miles usually have expiration dates. So, in order not to miss them, make sure that the expiration date is in line with your travel plan. If you do not intend to travel until your points expire, a tip is to check the possibility of exchanging them for prizes or products from partner stores.

2. Compare ticket prices on different platforms:

Another tip for cheap travel is to compare ticket prices. For this, there are platforms such as Skyscanner, a flight search engine that displays searches for tickets and airlines based on the destination and dates provided by the customer. The service, which is available on the web and in the app for Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones, does not sell tickets — it just directs customers to airline pages.

In the search, you can configure the page to show the cheapest prices first, or even check the cheapest month to travel. It is also possible to have a view of the entire month to know when the ticket will be less expensive. Skyscanner also lets you search for car rentals and hotels.

Another option for a flight ticket search engine is Google Flights. The tool uses artificial intelligence to indicate whether the value of the chosen ticket is really cheaper and allows you to configure price alerts. In the “Calendar” option, the user sees the ticket prices for the entire month and checks which one is the cheapest. The “Price Graph” displays changes in values ​​over time.

3. Look for ticket deals on specialized websites:

There are websites that specialize in tourism and select ticket deals. For example, you don’t need to have miles to buy cheaper flights. In addition, the platform calculates the cheapest flight based on destination, dates, time, stops and airlines. It does not book seats, and payment can be made in the search engine itself or on the flight company’s website. is another website option that offers cheaper tickets than usual, in addition to allowing you to search for packages and hotels. One of the site’s differentials is that people can sell miles. The sale takes place according to the modality, the number of miles and the user’s loyalty program. For Visa Consult here

A travel agency that offers deals on plane tickets, hotels, tour packages and even tickets. Users can create a price alert, which will be sent via email when the airfare is cheaper. The site also allows the purchase of travel insurance and transfer services, as well as car rental.

4. Find cheap hotels with the help of price comparators:

For those who want to save money on accommodation, hotel price comparison sites can be good allies during travel planning. Trivago, for example, allows travelers to search for a cheaper destination and configure the search based on reviews, type of stay, location in the destination city and values.

The website shows the discount values ​​and redirects the user to the website that makes the accommodation reservation.

Another site option that also has this functionality is Hurb – Hotel Hayat, which concentrates more than 400 thousand hotels in the world. In addition to accommodation, packages and resorts. The platform also searches for activities in the chosen destination. Daily and package purchases can be paid in up to 12 installments on your credit card. If there is an unforeseen event, cancellation is free.

In both the app and the website, also offers a service to search for cheaper rates and to book accommodations. If the customer finds a cheaper value than what is displayed on the platform, they can receive a refund. This only applies if the price shown is different, even if the property, dates and type of accommodation are the same.

Finally, travelers can still use the services of Kayak, a price comparative that shows accommodation offers. The platform, also available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, still works with flights, cars, activities and packages. The site has a tool that assists with travel planning and organizes booking details into an itinerary.

5. Prefer to rent houses for the season than to stay in hotels:

Interested in saving even more with their stay, they can turn to vacation rentals instead of booking hotel rooms. With Airbnb, for example, customers can search for cheaper options in different countries around the world. Before opting for the platform, however, it is important to follow some tips to avoid falling into scams, such as checking reviews, not making payments outside of Airbnb and contacting the company if something goes wrong.


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