Is Triple Refined Butane Fuel Really That Important?

For years, cigar lovers have turned their preference to high-quality cigar lighters that produce a directional blue jet flame.

These cigar lighters are highly effective at toasting the foot of a cigar and burn very hot, so they can be used to achieve an even, consistent light, even with only a little experience.

They’re also nearly windproof and, since they produce a directional flame, can be used to touch up burn errors.

The only thing that some cigar smokers don’t love about them is that they guzzle fuel, but that’s a small disadvantage at worst.

On that note of fuel, though: if you own and use a jet lighter, it’s worth your time to use triple refined butane fuel, and no, that is not marketing hype.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens When You Use Poor-Quality Butane in a High-End Cigar Lighter?
Butane is a clean fuel for cigar lighters when it’s refined properly. When it combusts cleanly, it produces only carbon dioxide gas, water vapor, and of course, heat.

The problem arises when you use a butane lighter fluid that isn’t properly refined and contains some impurities in it. These butane lighter fuels will leave behind a slight residue after combustion even though you might not be able to see it.

Jet lighters have special nozzles that release the butane gas under precise pressure and in such a manner that they produce a directional, pyramidal blue flame. Even a very minor obstruction of the nozzle, or alteration of its aperture, can make it difficult for the lighter to light.

When you use subpar butane lighter fuel in a high-end jet lighter, some of these impurities will begin to obstruct the lighter’s jets over time, altering the height, shape, color, or temperature of the jet flame. If you continue using these low-end butane fuels for long enough, it might become impossible to light the lighter at all.

Is There Anything You Can Do About It?
Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do about it. If your lighter is getting finicky or having trouble lighting but you can still hear the gas escaping it and the Piezo ignition is still working, get a can of compressed air and shoot some air down into the lighter’s jets. This often clears the lighter sufficiently to restore its operation.

After that, you should make it a point to use only the finest quality triple refined butane lighter fuels that you can find.

Why Triple Refined?
The reason you should be using triple refined butane fuel from the start is that it is cleaner and will protect the life of your lighter.

Freshly refined butane, from a natural gas plant, is often full of impurities. These are the compounds that can obstruct a lighter’s jets as mentioned above.

So producers distill or refine the butane, through additional processes. With each refinement process, more and more impurities are removed from the butane. Some of the best butanes on the market undergo three refinement processes, leaving behind the purest butane possible – up to 99.9% pure.

Where Can I Find Triple Refined Butane Fuel
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