It’s Your Move Cast

It’s Your Move is an American sitcom television series that aired from 1984 to 1985 on NBC. The show featured a cast of colorful characters. Besides Jason Bateman, the show also featured actors like shara blue, Ernie Sabella, and Adam Sadowsky

apartment. He is involved in underhanded dealings with his high school friends, including selling term papers, exam answer keys, and blackmail.

shara blue

The bio of Shara Blue Mathes on Wikipedia does not provide any information about her. She is an actor and has been in a few films, including Jason Bateman’s 1984 smash “It’s Your Move.” Her personal life is somewhat mysterious, as she has never revealed details about herself. However, she is an active member of social media.

Shara Blue was born Jehanne Mathes. She also went by the names Jehanne la Pucelle and Joan the maid. She has a large following on Instagram, with over 8,300 followers. She has a total of 1,220 posts.

Shara is the daughter of the school principal. She attends Willowgrove Christian Academy, where she hopes to become valedictorian. But she is faced with a strange situation: her mother’s new home state is Alabama. She is not only forced to deal with the cliques there, but she also has to face a terrifying principal. Shara has a boyfriend in Alabama who’s dating her, and she’s trying to win him back. However, her main motivation to excel in school is to become the valedictorian. Meanwhile, Shara Wheeler is the most popular student in school, with an enviable reputation.

Ernie Sabella

Ernie Sabella has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including It, ‘s Your Move, the movie adaptation of the bestselling children’s book. He has also appeared as a voice actor, playing Pumbaa in The Lion King franchise and Leon Carosi in Saved by the Bell.

The plot of It’s Your Move revolves around a teenage scam artist, Matt Burton. He lived with his widowed mother and older sister Julie and engaged in blackmail and other shady activities with his friends. Luckily, he had a friend, Ernie Sabella, who helped him in the long run.

Adam Sadowsky

It’s Your Move was an American sitcom on NBC from September 26, 1984, to February 23, 1985. The series was far from your typical sitcom and was famous for its clever humor and witty writing. Its cast included Jason Bateman, Caren Kaye, and Ernie Sabella.

The show’s premise centers on Matt and Julie’s relationship. Matt is trying to convince Julie to date, Eli. His attempts to woo Julie are foiled by substitute teacher Norman. Meanwhile, Norman takes over Matt’s English class. He rents a limo, borrows Eileen’s apartment, and hires a man to romance her.

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