Kurulus Osman: Family Tree of OSMAN GHAZI

Hello Dear Friends! Welcome To My Page. In this Topic we are going to discuss about the family of the most famous personality Osman Ghazi. Osman Ghazi is the leader of Ottama Empire. Media represents the story and true leadership of Osman Ghazi in the series. And the label of this series is Kurulus Osman. Burak Ozcivit is the most the most popular actor as he takes the character of Osman Ghazi in this high-top drama. So here below we can share some rare information about the family of the brave leader Osman.



Osman Ghazi’s real name is Osman Bey. He has such a great personality that is also shown in drama Kurulus Osman. The Father of Osman is Ertugrul Ghazi and the mother of Osman is Halime Hatun. Osman Bey was the third and the youngest son of Ertugrul Ghazi and Halime Hatun. His brother names are Gunduz Bey and Savci Bey. Osman Bey is the youngest among both of them. Also he is the nephew of Selcan Hatun who he treats like a mother. She was actually an adoptive daughter of Suleyman Sah and Haymen Hatun. She was also the traitor of Ottama Empire. Dündar Bey was also the traitor and in relation Dündar was the uncle of Osman Bey.


Ancestral Tree:

In the Drama Serial Kurulus Osman, interconnection between the bloodlines of Osman Bey is shown. Osman had 8 sons and 1 daughter (total 9 Kids). He had two wives as one was Malhan Hatun and the second was Rabia Bala Hatun. Malhan Hatun who is also known as Mal Hatun, was the first wife of Osman and Bala was the second wife. Osman Bey loved Bala Hatun more, as she was very kind, beautiful and generous lady.

Due to the shortage of authority about the family life of Osman Bey, rare ones known about the family relationship of Osman Ghazi. The popular series Kurulus Osman showed just main characters and links of his family. In certain fifteen century, according to some Ottama writers, Osman was came from a higher level to a lower one in Oghuz Turks as Kayi tribe wing.

For Biographers, it is very difficult to make out that what is accurate and what is mythological sayings about  a lot of stories linked to Ottoman said about Osman Bey and his attainment. And mostly the stories about Ottoman does not match with each other. In the accordance to one story, and according to series Kurulus Osman, the uncle Dündar Bey with whom he had a fight in his life. They both were opposing each other in many cases. Osman Ghazi wanted to attack Bilecik on the local Christian Lord while Dündar Bey wished to stop this attack and go opposed to his nephew Osman. His Uncle wished to stop him as he thought and said that they already had a lot of enemies against his Empire.

But Osman did not stop and to achieved his challenge of success, he finally shot an arrow to his Uncle Dündar and killed him. None of us known as this story is accurate or myth based.  It may also had another reasons as it may shows a supreme change in the relationship of the Ottoman Empire with their next-door, moving to some extent soothing to a more hostile strategy of defeat.

Kurulus Osman is the most watch TV series because it has many unique things to show.

  • Osman Bey firstly married to Malhun Hatun. Mal Hatun was the daughter of Omer Abdul-Aziz Bey. According to historians, Osman Bey had one child from him.
  • Second marriage of Osman Bey was with Rabia Bala Hatun was very sensible and generous lady. Osman Ghazi loved her more because of her uniqueness.
  • Alaeddin Bey who is also known as Alaeddin Pasha was the son of Osman Bey and Rabia Hatun. Alaeddin Pasha succeeded the leadership of Osman in Ottama Empire. He died in 1332.
  • Orhan Sultan was the son of Osman Ghazi and Malhun Hatun. Many biographer claims according to their information.
  • Coban Bey was the next Bey and son of Osman Bey.
  • Hamid Bey was also the son Osman and younger than others.
  • Pazarlu Bey was the youngest son of Osman Bey. His funeral is in Sogut.
  • Osman Bey had also a daughter named as Fatema Hatun.



So we have finally explained Our Knowledge with you which is the Family tree of Osman Ghazi as shown in Kurulus Osman as an act and how this drama shows the story of Osman Ghazi. So that’s all what we wants to let you know. We expect that you’ll get your required information here.





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