For a bike trip to Leh Ladakh or we can say the northern Himalayan region, having such a great landscape, moonscape, etc. is such a great journey that has certain adventures that rely on certain cultures, the beauty of nature, etc. Traveling to these places will touch your soul and you will be receiving such mesmerizing visions lively. These visions that you see will be staying forever in you, that is; we can say, for a lifetime. 

The best month to visit Leh Ladakh is yet another thing that will come into your mind, isn’t it? April to Mid-May is considered to be a great time to visit here and from mid-May to July will also create such a great atmosphere to spend here. From August to mid-September is also good. Mid-September to mid-October and mid-October to mid-November is also considered to be a great time. 

Best to visit 

Mid-November to March is also yet another great time for you to visit. This means you can visit this particular place throughout the year at whichever time you want. But it is advised to visit here from June to September. This is because during this month the people who visit here as bikers will enjoy this particular time in Ladakh since this is considered to be one of the best times. The majority of the bikers are likely to be kick-starting their New Year with this adventurous bike journey to Ladakh. This is because this is such a great place that provides you with certain panoramas that you will cherish at any season except monsoon.


For the Ladakh bike trip, you need to think about certain things which include the route you take, from where you need to start your journey, etc. You can kick start your bike journey from Delhi as well since this is a great option for you to begin with your thrilling fascinating expedition from the place called Manali. Or you can take a flight to Leh and you can begin your journey by bike in Ladakh from there. To Ladakh from Delhi, for a bike tour of around 15-18 days, you should dedicate. Whereas, if you are a person who is starting your journey from Manali then you can cover these areas in around 10 days.

If you are a person who is visiting there through flight, that is., flying to Leh then it will take approximately 7-8 days so that you won’t miss anything and you would have a great time there. So, it is truly based on the route you choose which will decide the requirement of days. Not only the route you choose but there is also yet another thing you need to think of, that is., the places where you had to stop at. So, all these things may require an approximation of 7 days minimum and a maximum of 18 days.

Things to carry

If you are traveling to Leh Ladakh on a bike trip, then the things you need to carry will be entirely different from the things you need to carry while you are flying to Leh. In all these cases, there are certain things you need to take with you, some basic items which are some essential requirements for you. So, such types of items along with the items you need to carry will be mentioned below for making your journey easy. You need to carry a helmet, that too of very good quality. Also, you should beware to bring water-proof riding gear or some clothes which are very suitable for you to ride in climatic conditions, especially cold climatic conditions. You need to take along with you the leather pants as well as jeans etc. 

If your riding gear is not waterproof, then you need to take rain gear. Then you need to take the most important thing, that is your hiking boots with you. Also do not forget to take riding gloves because it will be very cold out there and you need to overcome that cold climate. You also need to be very clever to use thermal inner wear and also do not ever forget the medical kit, nightwear and other clothing which can be casual that you can take as per your wish. 


The cold climate out there and hence if needed carry 3-4 pairs of socks too. Do not forget to carry an additional pair of boots or flip-flops with you if you need them, then you must carry an additional pair of goggles with you. The most important thing that you should not forget is your driving license, you should take it with you without fail. 


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