Pest Infestation – A Threat to Your Emotional & Psychological Health

When talking about pest infestation, the very first thing that comes to mind is massive property loss and human health damage. Therefore, everyone desires to keep these creepy creatures away from home. And for this, they tend to use various methods, from preventive measures to DIY techniques, and pesticides to hiring services of professional pest control in Surrey BC.

Having said that, not many are aware of the fact that pest infestation not only causes damage to your property or health but also threatens your emotional and mental health. The existence of various kinds of pests in and around your home or workplace can massively increase your stress, depression, anxiety, and fears. Moreover, they also dragged away your guests and employees which adds to your financial as well as mental health crises. 

Infestation of a place with any kind of pests is a welcoming sign for other pests to come and join the party. And living or working in such a place is highly risky that causes irritation, stress, and anxiety. Along with physical health issues, pests also impact our mental health and emotions in multiple ways. However, immediate measures to eliminate these unwanted guests can help you to avoid such circumstances. 

Take a look at some common mental health problems caused by pests infestation: 

Delusional Parasitosis 

Having excessive feelings of insects crawling on your skin or body is termed delusional parasitosis. It is caused by living or working in an area that is infested with pests including ants, rats, wasps, bugs, and termites. It causes irritation, emotional imbalance, and stress. 

Patients suffering from this disease go through serious anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. They behave weirdly due to strange thinking developments. Some common symptoms of delusional disorders may include, 

  • Scratching the body to get rid of irritation caused by the delusion that insects are crawling on the body 
  • Use of harmful instruments to remove unseen pests or insects from the skin 
  • Social withdrawal 
  • Panic attacks 
  • Self-harm    


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders 

Developing strange thoughts, and excessively repeating activities for mental satisfaction about cleaning is a common practice for home or business owners, who are facing pest infestation problems. Developing intrusive images, thoughts, and obsessive behavior are the common symptoms of OCD. 

Patients suffering from OCD often experience a strong wave of irritation and adopt obsessive behavior to earn mental satisfaction. They may involve in the following activities 


  • Excessive cleaning to ensure pests elimination 
  • Extreme fear of germs contamination 
  • Excessive use of insecticides and sanitizers 
  • Self-harm and panic attacks 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders 

It is another common mental disorder that is also caused by pest infestations. It is actually an after-effect of facing the worst situation, incident, or something really painful. Patients suffering from PTSD often face severe anxiety attacks. And feared returning to the same place or people. Therefore, they isolate themselves and avoid social gatherings. 

It results from facing troubles such as living in pests-infected places for too long. It causes intrusive thoughts, phobias, and hallucinations in patients. 


The most common and severe kind of mental disorder developed due to pest infestation is phobias. Patients suffering from any kind of phobia feel an extreme fear of those particular objects or insects. And avoid coming into contact with such places. Phobias are of various types such as arachnophobia, Entomophobia, or apiphobia and each requires specific treatment. 

For example, the patient suffering from musophobia feels fear of mice. And the best way to treat it is by hiring professional mouse or rat control services to ensure disinfestation first, and then consulting a psychiatrist to retain the normal mental health of the patient. 

Final Thought 

Experiencing pest infestation during summer or winter months is a common practice even in highly developed countries. And if not treating them timely or properly it can lead to severe physical or mental health and financial crisis. Therefore, taking preventive measures to keep them away and a professional approach to eradicate these unwanted guests from your home or workplace is crucial. 

Don’t forget to adopt preventive measures when dealing with any type of pests. Hiring services of professional and reliable pest control experts in Surrey is highly recommended to ensure the safe and complete elimination of pests. Having said that, make sure to hire a top-reviewed company for this purpose. 

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