Pivot to the Power of Hybrid Event

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of every event. During the time of covid-19, most of the events have shifted to online and now to hybrid events. The term hybrid is elated with two and the same in the case of hybrid events. So here the question arrives.

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is a sort of tradeshow, conference, seminar, workshop, or other event that combines the elements of both in-person and online. For a better understanding, events organized on both physical and virtual platforms can simply be defined as hybrid events. Hybrid events have gained popularity as a way to boost attendance at traditional events at a reasonable price due to the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events. Additionally, they enable participation from those who might not be able to physically attend due to travel or time zone restrictions, or because they want to reduce the event’s carbon footprint.

We are all aware of how events are organized at ground level, in the sense that at offline events you can access everything physically. Whereas in the virtual, it’s a replica of the same event over your screen, with some limited access.

Virtual Event Attendees Access

In general, all these mentioned points are to elaborate on things deeper, but it is not necessarily that every virtual event has access to all of them. But there is no need to worry as anyone can leverage the benefits of the hybrid events platform or hybrid expo software to organize hybrid events that have all these mentioned accessibility features.

  • keynote speakers or workshops with live audio or video streaming along with their presentation materials
  • Online presentations (including slide-share and others)
  • A hybrid webcast of the event may include synchronized slides in addition to the live and previously recorded webcast videos.
  • Creation of a live commentary
  • Facilities for audience polling or question submission in online chat or discussion forums
  • Live blogs
  • Event photographs and video
  • Integration of other social media tools

The Benefits of Hybrid Event

Hybrid events have key significance for many businesses and brands to reach a bigger audience. For those who organize events physically, it’s time to know the power of hybrid events. There are many hybrid summit platforms that give you the opportunity to commence your events virtually with many accessibility features. The features enable the participants to interact well with the hosts or with each other via chats and comments. Also, there are many feedback forums as well as the option to record the event and make it available to foster further discussions.

Hybrid events are the best investment for every trade association, business, and brand need to invest in them. The following reasons may help you choose to organize your next event in the form of hybrid events.

  • Increased Reach & Attendance

It’s a myth that your audience can only participate in-person or virtually; there is no middle ground. But with a hybrid event, you can split your audience, increase your reach, and gain more attendees. By hosting a hybrid event, you lower the entry barrier for both target audiences—those who would like to attend but are unable to do so and those who are unsure whether your event is worthwhile.

  • Higher Engagement With Your Audience

Including a virtual component in your live event creates many more engagement opportunities during and after the event than are available with a strictly live event. This is due to the fact that your virtual audience is actively participating from their smartphones or desktop computers, which allows them to talk, share, like, and comment, as well as many other things.

For instance, during sessions with both a live audience and an online audience, you can host polls.

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  • More Powerful Sponsor Opportunities

The greater the number of attendees, the more reasons for investors to sponsor your event. Because of this, sponsors find hybrid events to be very valuable as they have access to a larger pool of leads. Additionally, sponsors have the benefit of choosing, instead of choosing online or offline. The advancement in this field of hybrid conference platforms offers such features to show different sponsorship banners and customization services to a greater extent.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact and Costs

We are all aware of how much vehicles create pollution and of their adverse effects on the environment. So, in that order, it is beneficial to take advantage of technology and the hybrid expo software to host and create hybrid events for people who do not want to travel unnecessarily to another place just to attend the event. 

  • Feed Your Marketing Pipeline For the Year

You can easily repurpose and reshare digital content to keep a steady stream of it coming to your audience rather than keeping your event exclusive. For example, you can use the entire Livestream (or specific segments of it) to advertise your upcoming event.

  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Due primarily to their greater scalability and reach, hybrid events offer a higher return on investment. Your hybrid events may result in greater exposure for sponsors and more sign-ups after the event because they attract more attendees. Additionally, you gather a tonne of data that you can use to report your performance with greater accuracy. 

  • Valuable Data

Hybrid events have a lot to offer thanks to the data and the insights it provides. For example, you could count the attendees at a live event to get an idea of how many people watched a particular session. However, with hybrid events, you are aware of the attendance figures as well as how participants interacted and when they left the session.

Additionally, matchmaking data and session participation gives you insight into the interests of your attendees, which you can use to improve your future content.

End Note

Hosting a hybrid event in these times is a profitable decision for every business. Even if you are not experienced in hosting a hybrid event, the array of hybrid expo software can make it simpler for you to host the next one. There are many technological advancements and customization options available on hybrid summit platforms and offerings with hybrid event organizer companies. Every event organizer needs to extend their reach with such a hybrid event. Explore the new dynamics for your next event.

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