Private Nursery Schools in AbuDhabi and Their Curriculum

Private nursery schools in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates are places where young children can learn and grow at their own pace, with a focus on socialization, education, and health. In this blog article, we explore the curriculum taught at private schools in Abu Dhabi


The Purpose of Private Nursery Schools 

Private school Abu Dhabi is designed to provide a quality early education experience for their students. The purpose of these schools is to prepare children for the challenges that they will face when they enter school. 

These schools have a wide variety of programs, including traditional nursery school curriculums as well as special programming for children with disabilities or those who are gifted. They also offer unique extracurricular activities, such as music and art classes, that help children develop their skills in these areas. 

One of the most important aspects of private nursery schools is their focus on individualized instruction. This means that each student receives attention and care that is tailored to his or her needs. This helps to ensure that each child reaches his or her potential and becomes successful in school.


Teaching Methods

Private nursery school in Abu Dhabi use a variety of teaching methods to engage and stimulate their students. Some schools focus on hands-on learning, while others use more traditional methods such as lectures and group work. Students are also frequently assigned specific tasks or projects to complete during their time at the school.

Private nursery schools in Abu Dhabi teach their students with the latest teaching techniques and methods to ensure that each student receives the best possible education. The schools use a variety of teaching methods, including interactive activities, group work, and hands-on learning. In addition, the schools provide ample opportunities for students to explore different subjects and learn at their own pace.


The Best Private schools Teach through the Montessori Curriculum

Private nursery schools in Abu Dhabi use the Montessori curriculum to teach their students. Montessori teaching is based on the idea that children learn best when they are allowed to explore and make their own discoveries. The Montessori method encourages children to develop their own interests and passions, which in turn helps them to be more successful in life.

Private nursery schools in Abu Dhabi use the Montessori curriculum because it is a proven method of teaching that works well with children.


Different methods of teaching in Montessori Curriculum

Different methods of teaching in Montessori Curriculum are used in private nursery schools in Abu Dhabi. The method used most commonly is an individualized program, where each student is given specific instructions and materials to work with. This method helps students learn more effectively and keeps them engaged in the classroom. Additionally, some private nursery schools use combined methods, which involve using both individualized and group work. This allows teachers to better monitor and help students who may be struggling, while also giving other students the opportunity to learn alongside their peers.


Montessori Guidelines

Private Nursery Schools in AbuDhabi use Montessori guidelines to teach their students. The guidelines emphasize the following:

-The child as the center of attention

-The development of logical and conceptual thinking

– Creative Activity based on Observation and Experimentation

-Personal, social and emotional development


Montessori Tools used in the classroom

Private nursery schools in Abu Dhabi use Montessori teaching tools, such as small wooden blocks, to help children learn. Young students can focus on specific tasks, such as stacking blocks or tracing patterns with a finger while older students can learn concepts such as numbers and letters.


The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program by GIIS. How is it different?

The GIIS bespoke curriculum has gained popularity all around the world. To fit into current educational trends, it integrates the classic Montessori concepts with current modern techniques. The Global Schools Foundation’s contemporary educational tenets are highlighted by the “Plus” in the curriculum’s name 

Children who are between the ages of 2.5 and 6 are included in the programme. The preschoolers move on to junior KG/K1 (3.5–4.5 years), senior KG/K2, and nursery school (2.5–3.5 years) (4.5-5.5 years). The GMP programme consists of five pillars that are designed to encourage each child’s growth and development in order to get them ready for the change to primary school.

The GMP’s Five Pillars

  • The “Excelerate” programme
  • Multi-faceted learning
  • iPlay programme
  • iCare programme
  • Future Ready programme

Through these 5 pillars, the GMP enables children to acquire a holistic education that can help them develop key skills.



Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi have many programs for children, however the GMP method of education is the best as it focuses on all-round development of a child and not just academic success. Find out more about GMP here!

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