What I Loved Most About Studying in Germany?

Study in Germany

What about studying abroad in Germany didn’t I adore, I suppose, is a better question. My perspective of the world and how I live my life have both been profoundly impacted by the year I spent studying abroad in Germany. I adored so many aspects of my host nation, but these are just a handful of them:

IELTS for Germany

English and German are the two most common languages in Germany. In Germany, English is spoken more frequently than in German. Learning to speak English is crucial. In addition, several universities in Germany demand the IELTS exam before students can enroll. An IELTS score of 7 is required in order to enroll in German universities. Additionally, even though 5.5 are accepted by many universities, the best-known universities want at least a 7 on the IELTS. You’ll benefit much from IELTS coaching in this regard. Join the top IELTS coaching in Jaipur to acquire a high score for a reasonable price.

Studying in Germany Facts

The People

Despite the first restrained nature of many Germans, the ones I encountered while studying abroad were nothing but kind, courteous, and entertaining. My German friends not only introduced me to their culture but also to fresh perspectives on life and ways of doing and seeing things.

Cheap Train Travel

If you don’t mind spending a bit longer time on the train, Schönes Wochenende (Have a Nice Weekend) tickets are available. I visited numerous places over the course of numerous weekends by using these tickets, including Berlin, Munich, Prague, Strasbourg, and many more. A huge benefit of study in Germany, how easily you may travel throughout Germany and the rest of Europe.


I must start by stating that I adore German. It’s true that telling someone you love them in German may come seen as threatening to someone who doesn’t speak the language. However, German is also a superbly precise and philosophically-based language.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets in Germany are well-known and for good reason. Anyone who adores the holiday season or simply appreciates delectable fare, refreshing beverages, and lovely lighting may have a fantastic time. Shopping from booth to booth, people-watching, sipping Glühwein or Kinderpunsch, a non-alcoholic variant of Glühwein, and soaking in the sights are just a few of the enjoyable activities available.

Parks and Forests Everywhere

Germans cherish their time in the outdoors and place great importance on preserving green spaces in urban areas. No matter how big your host city is, you will always find plenty of parks and forests nearby, which is a nice perk of studying abroad in Germany.

Pace of Life

Germans are renowned for their diligence, but they also know when to take a break and enjoy life. Germans often take one to three paid months off each year. Stores typically close earlier than those in the United States due to the stringent business hours. On Sundays, many establishments will be closed or may only be open for a limited time, while on significant holidays, everything will shutter. In general, Germany seems to have a better sense of work/life balance than we have in the US.

Efficiency and Order

The public transit system, the cleanliness of the cities, the upkeep of residences, and the quickness of transactions are all examples of how efficient and orderly Germans are.

Public Transportation

Germany has three public transportation options: buses, the S-Bahn (subway/metro), and the U-Bahn (an above-ground city train). All three modes of transportation are frequently exceedingly hygienic, practical, and extensive.

Diverse Student Population

Since students from all over the world study in Germany, there is a fantastic opportunity to interact with individuals from all cultural backgrounds. While studying abroad, I made friends from many other nations, many of whom I still consider to be close friends.

Arts & Classical Music

The arts, especially classical music, hold a special position in German culture. According to study in Germany consultants, this nation has a long history of creating and performing classical music, from Beethoven to Bach to Handel to Mendelssohn. In most locations, it is simple to locate both free and extremely affordable performances.

Student Discounts

In Germany, being a student entitles you to a variety of discounts and benefits. For instance, most museums will let you in for free or at a significantly reduced rate if you present your student ID. Ask if there is a student discount when visiting concerts, museums, tourist attractions, etc.

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