The Definitive Guide for MacBook Water Damage

Apple Macs are pretty good when it comes to performance & can easily handle any task be it designing or office tasks but one must be meticulous about spilling any liquid on a Mac as this can make the device die and higher chances of data lost if no action taken on the right time but if unfortunately if you have spilled any liquid on your device here are the few information you can use to make sure your device is safe without any data loss.

Do not put the Mac rice bag etc as they can damage the retina display & you will need to spend on MacBook screen repair which can be very expensive here is a list of things you can do when your Mac has a liquid spill.

Turn Off:

As soon there is water or any kind of liquid spilled you need to turn off the device as keeping the device ON can damage the circuit of the device to an unrepairable stage also chances of data loss once you turn it off you can take tissue paper or cloth can try to clean the liquid which is visible (do not blow air it will push liquid inside of the device) see and make sure that there is no liquid trace on the keyboard as the liquid can damage the keyboard and MacBook keyboard replacement is quite expensive on the M1 & M2 chip models. Once done you take it to the nearest apple repair center for them to take a look.

Disconnect all Connections:

It’s a good practice to disconnect all the external USBs & Printers etc and power off to power you can press & hold the power button for 10 seconds the device must power off once powered off do not plug the charger and try as it can put your device on risk.

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Hair Dryer:

Do not use a hair dryer as the dryer blow hot air and this can melt the keyboard keys, and internal backlight & can catch fire on the lithium battery which is inside.

Data Safety:

If your MacBook is an old model such as Air 1466, A1398, A1502, A1465, etc you can ask the technician to remove the storage all the data is stored in SSD, and its quit affordable to recover data from the hard drive which is in good condition removing hard drive is quite simple & any technician can do it in 15 mins also check if there is an onsite technician who can come at your place and take care of the data.

Do not open:

Never try to open the device unless you have the right tools & manuals as this can make the device die or more damage which can cost more money for repair. Generally, any liquid spilled device can be easily repaired if diagnosed & repaired at the right time.

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