The Reality of Social Media Text Messages That Disappear

Kids of the modern-day use social media apps to socialize with their friends. The problem with social media apps is that there is always a new trend on the horizon. 

The disappearing messages have been one of the hottest trends in the world of social media for the past few years. Apps frequented by kids and teenagers, such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., offer this feature. This situation is alarming for parents. And it is probably why they look into text message monitoring apps. 

Though parenting kids of the digital age may seem daunting, it isn’t impossible. Take a deep breath, and let’s look at what are disappearing messages and how you can monitor them.

What Are Disappearing Messages?

Snapchat first introduced this feature to the world, and many other apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., followed in its footsteps. It allowed people to share messages, images, and videos that would automatically disappear after 24 hours. It was this very feature that made Snapchat & Instagram a massive hit for youngsters and a cause of concern for parents – simultaneously. 

What’s genuinely horrifying, though, is that nobody realizes that nothing ever truly disappears on the internet. Let’s consider the ramifications of disappearing messages and see how parents can mitigate them.

The Shocking Truth Behind Disappearing Messages!

It is a very common misconception among people that disappearing messages would actually vanish after a certain period of time. That encourages youngsters to indulge in risky behavior such as sending nudes, sexting, flirting with strangers, etc. They perceive their messages will shortly disappear after their intended receiver views them. 

However, they don’t realize that the other person may take screenshots or pictures of their messages with another phone. It also applies to the apps that provide you with the ability to unsend messages, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

The longer your recipient has those messages in their possession, the higher the chances of misuse. Whatever you share over the internet creates a digital footprint, and if misused, it can haunt you for a long time. That is why parents must make additional efforts to educate their kids about the value of privacy and digital well-being.

Copycat Apps Keep Flooding the Market

Though Snapchat pioneered disappearing messages, many other apps have since adopted and implemented their own versions of this feature. Ever since Instagram integrated disappearing messages into its DMs, it quickly surpassed many apps on the popularity charts. So much so that it is now the second most popular social media app in the world after YouTube.

Most parents are familiar with these staples of youth culture – Snapchat & Instagram. But every few days a copycat app appears on the map, and that’s truly troublesome. Another frightening fact is that online sexual predators also use these apps to commit horrific crimes. These apps help them because the evidence automatically disappears.

A Ray of Hope For Criminals!

You may say that it’s a no-brainer that disappearing messages vanish. Like – duh! They are called disappearing messages for that very reason. But if you pause for a moment and think about the potential consequences or devastation they may cause, it is mind-numbing.

These apps are mere tools for communication and socialization. However, how a tool is used depends on who is using it and for what purpose. When online predators use it to commit crimes, they benefit from this very feature – the disappearing messages. All the evidence gets whitewashed, and nothing leads back to them. 

Evidence is crucial in cases of human trafficking, sexual abuse, catfishing, online grooming, etc. When there is no evidence in such cases where predators lure victims through these platforms, the family is left with unanswered questions and devastation to deal with. 

FamilyTime’s Solution to Rectify This Possibility

Parents need text message monitoring apps, such as FamilyTime to monitor what apps their kids download on their devices. FamilyTime iPhone parental control has several features that can help you in various ways to safeguard your kids’ digital lives and ensure their well-being. For instance,

  • App Blocker – allows you to approve/block any apps downloaded by your kids on their devices.
  • Text Messages Monitoring – this allows you to monitor offline messages on your kids’ devices.
  • App Usage Reports – help you find out what apps your kids use and how much time they spend on each one. 
  • Screen Time Limit – allows you to assign a time limit for individual apps which means your kids may only use a specific app for the amount of time you assigned to it.

This app offers a lot more safety features like location tracking, geofence, screen time schedule, SOS/Panic button, etc., to give you the peace of mind you need as a parent. Sign up today and sleep a little easier with FamilyTime in your corner.

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