Tips to Benefit Your Child’s Preparation for Primary School in Singapore 

Entering primary school is one of many stages your child will take toward genuine independence. It is the step that most kids would perceive as being the most significant decision.

Most kids will learn how to count and use money in Primary 1, take responsibility for their homework and other activities, communicate with a wider and larger peer group, figure out autonomous transportation plans, and handle numerous needs and chores at once.


While the majority of preschools will offer a curriculum to prepare children for primary school, there are numerous things you and your kid may do to ease the transition.

Getting ready for your kid’s trip to primary school is necessary. Finally, you’ve managed to get them accepted into the new International school in Singapore for the next bright years of their lives, and you’re considering what to do next.


How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School?

  • Talk and interact with your kids

Everyone has experienced the same anxiety and worry about starting primary school as the youngster feels today.

But we made it through the ordeal and are still alive.

So motivate your kids to join you on the exciting adventure they will take, and share your enjoyable experiences with them. Create fun activities for your kids to look forward to, such as making new friends, checking out books from their school library, or placing a canteen order.


  • Visit the school orientation

Before classes start, most schools will offer an orientation session. Bring your kid along. The school tour is a terrific opportunity to determine the classroom layout, the canteen, the restrooms, and the bus pickup and drop-off locations. After visiting the school, ask your child if they have any new questions. Sharing some anecdotes from your time at the school with your child will make the experience more engaging and relatable if your child will be a student there.


  • Strengthen their social abilities

Many kids find it scary to walk into a classroom full of unfamiliar faces because they must face a sea of strangers and an unfamiliar setting.

Remind your kids that the faces they see are experiencing the same feelings as they are, so they are not alone on this trip. Teach your kid how to be a good neighbor and make friends along the way. What are some words or inquiries that they can use to start a conversation?

But don’t forget to tell your kids that talking should only happen between lessons or breaks! 


  • Engage in necessary items

Ensure you obtain everything your child needs by shopping with them before the start of the school year. Purchase a quality school bag, shoes, clothing, books, and stationery.


  • Create routines

It will be difficult for many incoming primary school students in Singapore to adjust to the early mornings. Although many kids may have attended full-day preschools, they may find it difficult to manage the busy schedule in primary school because they have fewer breaks and more focused instruction.

After the initial thrill wears off, your primary school child may begin to resist and have meltdowns. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

You can create a schedule with your kids and go through their day as they prepare for their new International school in Singapore. Additionally, this is an excellent chance to show students how to read an analogue clock,

Being anxious about your child’s transition to primary school is completely normal. After all, moving your child into a learning environment different from the one they are accustomed to at preschool is a big step. It is crucial to be prepared with the knowledge to guide our children through this process to make the transition smoother for your young ones.

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