Tips on Eliminating Rodents from Your Home

Rat and rodent infestation is a common problem in most households. However, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Rodents are one of the most common invaders that settle around your property due to favorable living and feeding factors.

There are many steps you can take on your own to get rid of mice and rats once and for all and prevent a future infestation. However, it’s important to rely on mice and rat control Delta experts for this purpose.


Dangers of an Infestation

There are many risks to not only your health but also the structural integrity of your home when it comes to a rat infestation. Rats are one of the most prevalent disease carriers, able to transmit even fatal diseases such as rabies through bites or contamination.


They can trigger allergic reactions and chip away the wood and beams of your home. Moreover, they can gnaw on wires and cables, which is an inconvenience but also increases the chances of a short circuit.


How to Spot Rat Intrusion

You need to identify and spot the infestation before taking the first step. Compared to other pests, rodent infestation isn’t difficult to spot. If you see rat droppings around your home, your property is infested with rats. The smell of the excrement gives away their presence quickly. Moreover, damaged wires and woodwork are apparent signs of rodent infestation.


Effective Ways to Get Rid of Rodents Around Your Property

If you notice an unwanted rodent intrusion on your property, you can take several measures to eliminate the pesky rats. Doing so will help you get rid of your current infestation and prevent similar problems from arising in the future.


Set Up Traps the Right Way

Setting up traps is the most prevalent method of catching or killing rats lurking around your property. Rat traps come in all shapes and sizes. You can set up bait to lure the rats in, ultimately trapping or killing them. You should opt for setting up traps in passageways or areas where you have spotted droppings or the rodent itself.


Clean Up Crumbs and Leftovers

Due to habitable conditions, rodents and other pests are probably settled around your property. One of the essential requirements of rodents is sufficient and sustainable food sources.

If you leave out your leftovers in the open, it may act as an invitation to an infestation. Cover up food adequately and clean up crumbs to deprive rodents of food, forcing them to relocate ultimately.


Investigate and Seal Up

The other essential factor of habitable rodent conditions is shelter. There may be cavities or void spaces in your walls, structure, or outdoors. Moreover, rats can enter your home through cracks or holes in the building. Sealing up any possible entry points is essential to prevent an infestation.


Get a Cat

Cats are natural rodents and mouse hunters. They can not only kill rats that may have carelessly strolled around your kitchen but also drive them away. Rodents can often identify the smell of a cat and keep their distance accordingly, keeping your home rodent-free.


Reduce Clutter 

Rodents can also find shelter in their storage rooms or basements. They are essentially looking for safe, closed spaces to reproduce. You should re-arrange and organize your rooms to prevent tight, secluded spaces that may be habitable for rodents.


Remove Overgrown Shrubs and Bushes

There are a couple of changes you can make outdoors to prevent or eliminate an infestation. Trim or cut off overgrown bushes around your yard, which may provide hiding spots for rodents and pests.

Dense trees can also be a possible passage for rodents to enter your home. Getting rid of unnecessary greens in your garden will decrease the likelihood of rodents sneaking into your home.


Consult Professional Pest Control Companies

If the infestation is out of control and there are too many rodents to deal with, it’s best to hire a professional pest control company to exterminate the rodents appropriately. Pest control companies are adept at dealing with a multitude of pest problems, therefore, ensuring safe and effective solutions.


Wrap Up

Rodents are one of the most dangerous intruders that may infest your property. To prevent an infestation or ultimately nip it out, there are specific measures you can take. Set up traps where you notice signs of rats and seal up the possible cavities and entryways.

Clean up overgrown bushes and shrubs in the backyard and reduce clutter inside your home. Cover up any leftovers and crumbs appropriately. In case of a severe infestation, consult professional pest controllers

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