Top 8 Tips to Make a Music Video Like a Pro

Are you looking to make an outstanding music video for your new track? It doesn’t have to be difficult. You will need a few basics and you are good to go. A good internet connection is a staple in making a professional music video. For that,  simply call Spectrum 1800 number or any other reliable internet service provider to get a stable connection for your video filming and editing process and you may also get a customized Spectrum select package with internet and TV services too. 

An excellently shot video can make your song a hit but it does not need to cost you a fortune. An out-of-the-box concept, a cooperative team, and an adequate budget are all that you need to begin with. In this article, you will find  8 basic steps to follow to create a music video that looks highly professional. Let’s check them out: 

#1: Choose the Right Track

In this day and age, it may not be the best idea to simply make a video for your next upcoming track just because it is new. The lyrics of the song matter. The quality of the content matters. We see a gazillion music videos every day but not all leave a lasting impact on us. To make a music video that becomes a sensation, you first need to come up with the right song and concept that will leave an impression on your target audience.

#2: Decide on a Budget

Budgeting is the next essential step when planning a music video. You need to select a suitable budget that also corresponds to your vision. Remember, once you choose a budget, stick to it. Try not to overspend.

#3: Procure the Right Music Equipment and Crew Members

The equipment you choose depends on the budget you are working on. But the first thing you need is a camcorder. A variety of camcorders are available in the market ranging from low-priced ones to higher-priced HD quality ones. Make a choice depending on the quality of music video you want to produce and your budget.

A camcorder alone cannot do the job, a good level of light is essential for any video. If you have planned an outdoor shoot, you may not need extra lighting. However, if you choose to do an indoor shoot or plan to shoot in a dimly lit area, then you would need a lighting kit. 

A tripod stand, spare batteries, and extra storage space are also required to shoot a good music video. Apart from these equipment, you would also need help from some crew members.

#4: Select the Best Location

So you may have a brilliant concept, but it might not be enough to execute a great music video without an ideal location. For example, if your video requires some underwater clips, you need to look for a visually appealing pool that allows shooting. If your video requires a lot of scenery, you need to be on the lookout for a beautifully scenic location. Since shooting is not allowed in all areas, you might have to take permission and even pay to shoot at certain locations.

#5: Create a Storyboard and Schedule

Create a scene-by-scene depiction of the entire video. Think about the camera angles you want to use, the type of shots you need, and the crew and equipment that will be required for each shot. Once it is done, share the storyboard with your team so that everyone knows what they are required to do and when.

#6: Film Your Music Video

Once the schedule and storyboard are shared with everyone, you can start filming your video. Ideally, it would be best to get multiple takes of each shot so you won’t have to film again.

#7: Edit Your Music Video

Once the filming of your video is complete, transfer your footage to the computer and start with the editing phase. You can use any good editing software that you are familiar with. Make sure that the song and video are in sync with each other.

#8: Release Your Music Video

Before you release your new music video on YouTube, Facebook, or any other medium, share it with your friends and family first to get reviews of any edits your video might need. Once they approve it, you are ready to release it on your channel.


It is not impossible to make a good music video on your own. A good concept, the right filming equipment, perfect editing software, and some creativity are all you need to create a music video that can have the potential to go viral and yes a reliable internet connection like Spectrum too which is also recommended because it’s easy to get the service not only online service but offline service too that can be accessed through Spectrum store locator. Regardless of the budget, the originality and uniqueness of your video’s concept will help you reach out and connect with hundreds and thousands of viewers worldwide. 


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