Top 03 Wholesalers In Orlando (Best Vendors For Your Business)

We know finding the best wholesalers for business might be daunting!

If you have just stepped into the world of wholesale business, you might be unfamiliar with how to find the right vendor. Moreover, if you are starting a business in Orlando, you must have the basic knowledge of how the people there love to style them in different seasons! Don’t worry; take a deep breath!

Here, in this article, we will make you learn the basics of the clothing of Orlando! And then, we will drive through the best wholesale marketplaces in Orlando that have your back, Orlando!

So let’s begin!

Wholesale Clothing In Orlando | Keys To Remember!

Let’s go! Firstly, the golden rule is that decent quality always wins the chase! In Orlando, people love to be in the style and comfort of the clothing. So if you have t-shirts with decent quality and smooth fabric would go best for your business! 

However, start a blank t-shirt wholesale apparel business. This can be the best bet because blank t-shirts are ideal for almost any event, occasion, or setting, whether formal or informal. Whether you want to enjoy a sunny day or just lounge in the living room, blank t-shirts are the go-to wear!

So we now know that plain tees or blank tees are profitable options for starting a business! So with the mentioned below marketplaces, you can get the best of the best Wholesale T-shirts in Orlando.

List of Top 03 Wholesale Marketplaces for T-Shirts in Orlando?

Here is the list of the top 03 wholesale suppliers for t-shirts in Orlando! We have made this list with in-depth research and comparing these wholesale vendors with the others. So, now finally, we have our top picks for your business! So without any further ado, let’s go!

  • Apparel In Bags
  • Aviva Florida
  • CJ Apparels
  • Veetrends

Apparel in bags, situated in the heart of Orlando, is one of the most recognized and leading apparel industries. The brand offers extensive diversity in different products, from blank tees to basic short-sleeved t-shirts at cut-down wholesale prices. 

Furthermore, Veetrends is one of Orlando’s most popular and reliable sources for high-quality, durable, and original wholesale t-shirts. Various brands include Champion, Gildan, Next Level, Hanes, and many others.

The brand also allows its customers to find expert assistance in customizing the t-shirts. Veetrends has a skillful and professional team for designing an ideal, sophisticated t-shirt for any corporate event, family reunion, sports team, and many other occasions.

Veetrends offers almost every type of top-notch printing service, which includes screen printing, logo embroidery, and many other customization services according to your needs and wants! Also, they are committed to bringing your brand to the next level with the best customization skills, artwork, and design.

So when you are partnered up with Veetrends, you are partnering with a company that not just provides high-quality wholesale t-shirts, but you get a lot more than just that.

Veetrends Features:

  • Low minimum order requirements
  • Great discounts on bulk t-shirt purchases
  • First-rate customer service
  • Precise and high-quality customization
  • Shortest turnaround time
  • Free delivery on orders of $149 or above!
  • Aviva Florida

Founded Year: 2000

Aviva Wholesale, a well-known name, has introduced a new branch called “Aviva Florida”. So, Aviva Florida is a family-owned company. The company has been serving in the market for decades and offers various products, from cotton masks to cotton poly sports t-shirts. So, they got your back with everything!

Aviva Florida offers customers an incredible shopping experience, where they provide comfort and luxury in all products they own. Aviva knows how to get customer satisfaction. Moreover, with lasting experience and excellence, they sell heart-winning wholesale t-shirts in Orlando.

Through collaborations with different brands, they have now become a powerhouse of high-quality and fast-fashion clothing apparel.

Aviva Florida Features:

  • Delivers the greatest quality
  • Low pricing for their consumers
  • Direct involvement with manufacturers
  • Reduce potential supply chain concerns.
  • Long-term business partnership.
  • CJ Apparels

Founded Year: Industry serving for the past 24 years.

CJ Apparels is a well-reputable brand for high quality, excellent customer service, and reasonable pricing. So, if we have to describe CJ Apparels in five short words, these would be trusted, competent, new ideas, service, and putting clients first. They also have a keen eye for high-quality craftsmanship and fair costs and provide great product variety and outstanding customer service.

CJ Apparels Features:

  • Market-knowledge personnel
  • Highly-built reputation
  • Honest service
  • Great line of products
  • Best prices


To conclude, blank tees offer bonuses and great benefits to any business, whether a start-up or an established one. So, if you are thinking of investing in wholesale t-shirts or wholesale blank tees in Orlando, you can invest in t-shirts from one of the brands listed above for great results and satisfaction.

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