Traveling by Train in Europe: Our Five Tips

Although people every so often choose to travel from one European destination to another by plane for convenience and speed, traveling by train has many advantages, starting with the possibility of admiring the landscape through the window: rivers, castles, picturesque towns, sea, and countryside.

On board a train, the landscape is an integral part of the mother daughter trips and is not simply “flown over” as in an airplane. You do not need to be at the station hours in advance to check in or find out the weight of your luggage. Traveling all across Europe by train is fun and convenient. I have compiled some useful tips for you regarding a safe and comfortable trip.

Train ticket reservation

Now a days, buying train tickets in Europe is easy thanks to the internet and mobile apps. To plan a complete travel itinerary, you can use an app to check transportation options, train schedules, and maps. When you are ready to buy your tickets, you can try Trainline or Rail Europe.

Some tickets are available weeks in advance, and you can save money by booking in advance. If you are not sure of the schedule, however, you can buy tickets for regional trains in one the day.

The right station

Large European cities, as well as some small towns, have more than one station. For example, Paris has six main stations, and the city of Lille has two. Chill Mount and Lille Europe may look the same at first glance and both offer regional trains, click here but your ticket will only be valid for one of them. If you have booked a connecting train in one city, you can arrive at one station and depart from another.

Check your tickets carefully

Check your ticket very carefully. Some train tickets are simply for first or second class, others have an assigned carriage and seats. Look on the side of the cars or on the doors to find their number: the location of the numbers varies from train to train.

Night trains

Benefits of overnight trains include waking up in a new location to start a day of sightseeing. Also, you will generally pay less for a berth than for a hotel night. Of course, it is possible to have a less restful night or not be able to fall asleep at all during the travel. Trains can stop overnight to pick up new passengers and the risk of being woken up is real.

To pack light

If you are trying to plan to travel in Europe by train as a travel blogger, consider bringing only your hand luggage: in many stations, you have to go up and down steep stairs on the platform, and carrying a large suitcase would be uncomfortable. Grab some snacks and drinks before you start boarding: Stations usually have bars where you can buy takeaway breakfast or lunch. Refreshments are not always available on board the train.

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