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3D animation video

The 3D animation video is the tool par affordable logo designs excellence for the presentation of a product. It is recognized for facilitating familiarization and promoting benefits and features. Several retailers attribute a significant increase in their customer base (up to 85%) to integrating quality videos into their PDPs. This medium allows shoppers to dive into an immersive experience and imagine themselves using the product.

The “lifestyle” video is the ideal presentation tool to visualize a product in a space with which the customer can identify. It also provides an interactive 3D preview of assembly instructions. Videos don’t need to be elaborate. You can come up with a simple “before/after” animation highlighting the difference a farmhouse -style sink makes in a kitchen!

Product specifications

Think of this section as an opportunity to instill confidence in the engineering and manufacturing of your product. Include all the details your customer may need to make a purchasing decision. Superimposed layers of materials, finishing details, particularities of assemblies, etc.


Dimensions and materials

By providing measurements in imperial and metric units, you make decision making easier. If details such as clearance space or dimensions of plumbing fittings are relevant, add them. If the safe use of a product requires six inches of clearance, include this information in detail. Educate buyers and draw your customers’ attention to these important details before they buy. Don’t underestimate the impact of measurement clarity. Also attach a precise list of materials. Again, this demonstrates mastery of your engineering and manufacturing process. This provides valuable insight into the design quality of your product.


Naming of features

Don’t expect customers to understand your logo designers near me model’s naming conventions. Nobody knows what a 38-inch-210 Xbase code AG6 with X technology means. Use clear descriptive language in your product and feature names. Avoid reinventing a vocabulary for pieces that already exist.

We’ve all visited e-commerce sites that are hard to crack. An information button can do wonders here. Do you want to convince your customer that he needs your product? Allow it to filter or search for products with a specific feature.

Buyers must understand the product and its peculiarities within seconds. A vague and difficult to understand presentation sows’ doubt. You don’t want that.


The comparison charts

If your product line shares similarities, help the customer understand the differences. A simple comparison table will allow him to find briefly the model that best suits his needs. Include images so consumers have a way to visually differentiate between different models.

If the information is not clear, and easy to consult, he will opt for a site with a better-edited selection.


Assembly or installation details

In the past, vendors avoided presenting assembly information on the product page. That era is over! Today, the relationship with the customer requires a transparent approach. Remember that your PDP replaces the Advisor or Salesperson. It is imperative that the buyer can consult all the information he needs to make an informed choice. Installation or assembly details are part of the essential information for decision making.

Nothing is more disappointing than realizing that we are missing a tool or the arms of the brother-in-law to install a new acquisition. For some categories of merchandise, assembly frustration accounts for up to 75% of returns and customer service calls. Even worse, your customer may feel irritated instead of excited about their purchase. Unfavorable comments can then destroy your marketing efforts.

Good Framework

Don’t make the mistake of providing overly complex instructions. The average customer can be intimidated by unclear instructions. Invite him to proceed in structured, clear, and concise steps. It is important that the customer knows what to expect. Assembly can even work in your favor by demonstrating thoughtful engineering, quality parts and design.

A growing number of brands are including assembly information in product images. They include things like assembly time estimates, video instructions, or code leading to 3D interactive instructions. These tools strengthen the bond of trust with the buyer. They emphasize your brand’s concern and respect for the complete customer experience.


In summary

  • Give your buyers the necessary knowledge before the purchase; they will appreciate this information.
  • Take the turn of the important revival of business practices and use the 3D tools mentioned previously. They are the new normal. They emphasize the importance you place on your customers, both before and after they have acquired your product.
  • Your PDPs are key to success in 2022 and it has never been easier to optimize them.
  • These new methods are here to stay; they will survive the coronavirus! Be proactive! Equip yourself with these marketing tools.

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