What is Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park and why people need it?

Dry Needling and Acupuncture methods for joint mobilization, Manual therapy, massage and techniques for soft tissues Stretching muscles, Physiotherapy Taping, Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques, and Sports Physiotherapy

The basic premise of physiotherapy is “You make the necessary changes today, and your upcoming self will thank you in the future.” It applies to all aspects of your daily life. This idea is valid for fitness as well.

Usually, doctors recommend physiotherapy following a procedure like an operation to replace a hip or after an event such as a heart attack. A physiotherapist is a person who is a technologist, an innate humanistic spirit, and the fingers of an artist to help you feel normal.

The physiotherapy in Sherwood park session focuses on treating diseases, injuries, and conditions through physical techniques. The methods include massage, manipulation of body parts, and adjusting energy circulation.

There could be instances where you suffer from a sports injury or car accident. In addition, there could be surgical amputations, back strains, and arthritis.

A Physiotherapist put a priority on prevention and

Rehabilitation. We provide a broad range of treatment options for the following ailments:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Issues with muscles, joints, bones, and ligaments
  • Pelvic issues
  • Pain, fatigue, swelling, stiffness, and loss of strength of the muscles

The Physiotherapy in Sherwood Park change your life. To achieve this, we have implemented a set of treatment options based on the needs of each patient.

Here, you’ll be able to discover some of the most common Physiotherapy Treatment Methods we employ:

Manual treatment

The physiotherapists have a professional education in physiotherapy methods that involve hands-on practice, including:

Joint mobilization techniques

When joints become stiff, you could be suffering from discomfort. This method helps allow for a smoother movement of joints.

Our physiotherapists are trained to make adjustments to the alignment of the joints that are locked. The amount of time and intensity differ based on the individual diagnosis.

Stretching of muscles

Our physiotherapists suggest a range of movement (ROM) exercise routine that encourages body movements. The ROM exercises involve the inculcation of a variety of fundamental exercises as well as yoga.

physiotherapy in Sherwood Park determines the targeted muscles and creates custom stretching routines to help you reach your goal of flexibility.

Additionally, the muscles are also trained to ensure the normalization of muscle length and tension.

The constant movements in the muscle structure can help to relieve postural problems.

Soft tissue massage and massage techniques

The techniques for massage of soft tissues consist of applying physical pressure on the muscles and other soft tissue in your body. In this technique, physiotherapists focus on tendons, muscles ligaments, ligaments, or other connective tissue, such as fascia.

By the intensity of the sore on the area of concern, our physiotherapists choose the depths of massage, pressures, and time.

The increased oxygen flow helps in muscle relaxation and increases circulation.

Physiotherapy Taping

This process involves the application of taping and strapping techniques. The techniques used for taping vary based depending on the stiffness of the method of application.

After an in-depth analysis, the physiotherapist will decide what method will be used to stabilize the injury and reduce the load of painful or vulnerable structures.

Acupuncture and Dry Needling

We employ dry needling and acupuncture to ease pain and aid in rehabilitating your injury. This is a successful temporary treatment for discomfort.

In this method, our specialists place fine single-use needles at specific locations along the Meridian. This results in a redirection and repositioning of the flow of energy. In the end, it eases tension.

Sports Physiotherapy

This is the best option for you if you’re an athlete who has suffered an injury in the past.

The dynamic stretching program begins through warm-up workouts. The best pre-exercise routines are an overall warm-up that lasts a couple of minutes until you feel warm within your muscle.

Then, you’ll perform static stretches that last for around 20-30 minutes.

Therefore, the intensity of stretching is increased by gradually increasing the amount. You can also attempt to do bounce-style exercises that mimic the demands of your sport.


At Refresh Health and Wellness a best physiotherapy Sherwood Park We know that you may not be comfortable with specific treatment techniques. You’ll be glad to know that we provide you with tried and true methods that are gentle, safe, and efficient for better health. Let’s discuss the specifics.

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