Why Many Restaurants Use Everpure Water Filters

No restaurant can function without a reliable source of clean drinking water. Espresso machines, ice makers, and the whole kitchen crew require constant access to perfectly clean and safe water. We tend to trust the liquid that comes out from the water main for all these uses and tasks. However, water quality can vary from place to place, and even from time to time, this can affect many aspects of running a business. For example, water containing high quantities of minerals can be harmful to your equipment, clogging them or raising maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, water can have a negative impact in terms of flavor and ruin the taste of your best dishes.

This makes it imperative to remove contaminants from your water supply before it makes their way into your kitchen. Guaranteeing that you get a constant supply of water free from sediments, chemicals, organic matter, and harmful minerals, can make a difference between brewing the perfect pot of coffee and serving something more akin to sludge.

However, there are several types of filters and each has its advantages when it comes to purifying water and eliminating harmful contaminants for your restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Carbon Filters
For decades, water filters have used carbon as the main way to filter out impurities from water. Carbon is a porous material that absorbs minerals and harmful sediments as water passes through it. They efficiently remove lead, asbestos, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants, while preventing bacteria growth. Everpure, the most trusted brand for commercial foodservice water filtration, offers great options in this category. Everpure water filters contain activated carbon that also eliminate unpleasant odors that can modify the taste of your food and beverages.

Reverse Osmosis Filters
These filters use a membrane that is not as permeable as carbon. This poses a problem as water does not go through this membrane freely, so it needs to be pushed by ways of added pressure. So reverse osmosis, or RO filters, force water through this semipermeable membrane that catches up to 98% of sediments that go through it and store the clean water in a properly treated storage tank that makes it available for immediate use. Everpure water filters also use carbon filters to eliminate odors and improve the taste. They also use 50% less energy for the RO process, making them incredibly efficient for restaurants and commercial kitchens that are mindful of energy consumption.

If a restaurant offers filtered water, you will surely find an Everpure water filter installed close to a coffee or espresso machine. More likely than not, your perfectly mixed beverage or smoothie is made with water that has gone through an Everpure water filter to guarantee a balanced and rich flavor that only contaminant-free and fresh water can offer.

Join the millions of restaurants, bars, and cafés around the world that offer their customers beverages and dishes made with pristine water by installing an Everpure water filter. Find the right model for your at www.efilters.net or call them at 1-866-283-9919 for more information.

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