Word Jumble Solver

This word jumble solver finds a possible answer to a word jumble puzzle. The key to Jumble Solver is a fast anagram-solving engine that rearranges letters into words that you can solve puzzles with.

To get started, enter your letter and press the big green button!

Need more options? We’ve customized this Gamble Solver into Word Maker, Word Scramble Solver, and a jumble word solver.

This version lists the solutions by length; We have other versions: first letter and length, alphabetical order, ranked by Scrabble Points.

Other projects we have completed

As they say on TV Informative – “But wait, there’s more!”. We regularly create small games and puzzle sites and share them on the internet! Check out some of our other projects!

Cryptogram Jar: Want a new challenge? Check out the cryptogram jar! Resolve coded messages (don’t worry, we have a few different levels – the starter version gives you a lot of hints!)

Gone to Pieces Puzzle: Are You a Graphic Thinker? Like art? Gone to Pieces Puzzle is a tile puzzle game that you can play from your cell phone. You see a famous image – and then we tear it to pieces. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

DrawingPrompt.com: Want to take a break from solving word jumble puzzles? Why not draw pictures? Need inspiration? Our drawing prompt site gives you ideas on what to draw!

Scrabble Chitah: While other sites are too slow to find scrabble words, Scrabble Chitah is your best choice for removing scrabble words. A cool fast cat! Looks good on mobile phones too!

More about Jamble Solver

Once, in a basement far away, a programmer wrote a word puzzle solver. In fact, he wasn’t very good at word play (true story!) He was particularly bad at trying to get rid of random words. Pattern recognition (executioner) was not difficult … but sorting the letters in the correct order? Certainly not his thing. Fortunately, he designed an anagram solver long ago. It was not difficult to turn this idea into a tool for sound jumble puzzles.

The word puzzle solver itself is quite simple. We have a quick behind-the-scenes trick, made with the same software technology that we use to write fast custom analysis systems for large companies. The tool is basically a word solver – you can use it for word noises, random letters, scrabbles, newspaper puzzles, and other word games. And as I said, it is designed to load on mobile devices quickly and securely. We use a public domain dictionary to create our word list. (Our sound is like a scramble solver)

This Jamble Solver is designed to unscrew the characters you enter into words. Words from your random characters are arranged in increasing lengths. All you have to do is enter your characters into the jumble solver and skim the word list it creates. You can use Jumble Word daily jumble solver, word puzzles, brainteasers, jumble puzzles, and other puzzle games. And solve the anagram.

But we are more than just a confusing solvers and a source of confusing answers. This website works great as a scrabble word finder, which can help you in a scrabble game. Scrabble Helper also works for text twists, and word anagram puzzles.

Like the idea but need more options? Then check out some of our other projects. We’re testing a few different versions of this noise-solving technology (same great user experience, different behind-the-scenes engineering). We’ve created word search tools to unscramble characters and unscramble words. We created a word descrambler and a word unscrambler. So I guess you can say that we’ve covered the range of possibilities well (sound generator, sound unscrambler tool,). If you want to figure out how to release a word, we’ve got an answer for you!

Need to share a list of word noise answers for a specific puzzle? You can link it directly and send it to your friends! (Or share it on Facebook) The word solver will solve the word, providing an anagram (using all the letters) and a list of words that you can create from your puzzle characters.

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